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All Titles in Speech Therapy (94)

Wanting to Talk: Counselling Case Studies in Communication Disorders (1861560672) cover image
by Diana Syder
June 1998, Paperback
US $84.99 Buy
Practical Audiology for Speech and Language Therapy Work (1861560591) cover image
by Janet Doyle
June 1998, Paperback
Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics (1861560540) cover image
by Wolfram Ziegler, Karin Deger
December 1997, Paperback
US $164.99 Buy
Children's Speech and Literacy Difficulties: A Psycholinguistic Framework, Book 1 (1861560303) cover image
by Joy Stackhouse, Bill Wells
October 1997, Paperback
Instrumental Clinical Phonetics (1897635184) cover image
by Martin J. Ball, Chris Code
July 1997, Paperback (E-book also available)
Children with Language Disorders, 2nd Edition (1861560265) cover image
by Janet Lees, Shelagh Urwin
July 1997, Paperback
Developmental Disorders of Language, 2nd Edition (1861560206) cover image
by Catherine Adams, Betty Byers Brown, Margaret Edwards
March 1997, Paperback
Language in Mental Retardation (1861560044) cover image
by Jean-Adolphe Rondal, PhD, Susan Edwards
December 1996, Paperback
Does Speech and Language Therapy Work? (1897635389) cover image
by Pamela Enderby, Joyce Emerson
October 1995, Paperback
Disorders of Communication: The Science of Intervention, 2nd Edition (1897635478) cover image
by Margaret M. Leahy
August 1995, Paperback
Assessment and Therapy for Young Dysfluent Children: Family Interaction (1897635559) cover image
by Lena Rustin, Elaine Kelman
June 1995, Paperback
Treating Phonological Disorders in Children: Metaphon - Theory to Practice, 2nd Edition (1897635958) cover image
by Janet Howell, Elizabeth Dean
December 1994, Paperback
Developmental Speech Disorders, 2nd Edition (1897635702) cover image
by Pamela Grunwell
August 1993, Paperback
Profiling Linguistic Disability, 2nd Edition (1870332938) cover image
by David Crystal
April 1992, Paperback