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Molecular Electronic-Structure Theory (0471967556) cover image
by Trygve Helgaker, Poul Jorgensen, Jeppe Olsen
October 2000, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles (0471293407) cover image
by Craig F. Bohren, Donald R. Huffman
March 1998, Paperback (E-book also available)
Single-Molecule Optical Detection, Imaging and Spectroscopy (3527614702) cover image
by W. E. Moerner (Editor), M. Orrit (Editor), U. P. Wild (Editor), Thomas Basche (Editor)
September 2008, E-book
Quantum Computing: A Short Course from Theory to Experiment (3527617779) cover image
by Joachim Stolze, Dieter Suter
September 2008, E-book
Light-Matter Interaction, Volume 1, Fundamentals and Applications (3527617892) cover image
by John Weiner, P.-T. Ho
July 2008, E-book
Molecular Photonics: Fundamentals and Practical Aspects (3527613218) cover image
by Kazuyuki Horie (Editor), Hideharu Ushiki (Editor), Françoise M. Winnik (Editor)
July 2008, E-book
Electronic Correlation Mapping: From Finite to Extended Systems (3527618538) cover image
by Jamal Berakdar
July 2008, E-book
Spatially Resolved Magnetic Resonance: Methods, Materials, Medicine, Biology, Rheology, Geology, Ecology, Hardware (3527611835) cover image
by Peter Blumler (Editor), Bernhard Blumich (Editor), Robert E. Botto (Editor), Eiichi Fukushima (Editor)
July 2008, E-book
Astrophysical Hydrodynamics: An Introduction, 2nd Edition (3527406697) cover image
by Steven N. Shore
September 2007, Paperback (E-book also available)
US $106.95 Buy
The Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules: From Solid State to DNA and Drug Design (3527307486) cover image
by Cherif F. Matta (Editor), Russell J. Boyd (Editor), Axel Becke (Foreword by)
April 2007, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $299.00 Buy
Exploring Scanning Probe Microscopy with MATHEMATICA, 2nd, Revised and Enlarged Edition (3527406174) cover image
by Dror Sarid
April 2007, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $277.00 Buy
Light-Matter Interaction: Atoms and Molecules in External Fields and Nonlinear Optics (3527406611) cover image
by Wendell T. Hill, III, Chi H. Lee
December 2006, Paperback (E-book also available)
US $105.95 Buy
Noble Gas Detectors (3527405976) cover image
by Elena Aprile, Aleksey E. Bolotnikov, Alexander I. Bolozdynya, Tadayoshi Doke
December 2006, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $310.00 Buy
Laser Isotope Separation in Atomic Vapor (3527406212) cover image
by Petr Artemovich Bokhan, Vladimir Vasilevich Buchanov, Nikolai Vasilevich Fateev, Mikhail Mikhajlovich Kalugin, Mishik Airazatovich Kazaryan, Alexander M. Prokhorov, Dmitrij Eduardovich Zakrevskii
July 2006, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $202.00 Buy
Photophysics of Molecular Materials: From Single Molecules to Single Crystals (3527607390) cover image
by Guglielmo Lanzani (Editor)
May 2006, E-book
Concepts of Highly Excited Electronic Systems (3527606386) cover image
by Jamal Berakdar
March 2006, E-book
Correlation Spectroscopy of Surfaces, Thin Films, and Nanostructures (3527606491) cover image
by Jamal Berakdar (Editor), Jürgen Kirschner (Editor)
March 2006, E-book
Molecular Physics (3527405666) cover image
by Wolfgang Demtröder
December 2005, Paperback (E-book also available)
The Physics and Technology of Ion Sources, 2nd, Revised and Extended Edition (3527404104) cover image
by Ian G. Brown (Editor)
October 2004, Hardcover (E-book also available)