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Principles of Plasma Discharges and Materials Processing, 2nd Edition (0471720011) cover image
by Michael A. Lieberman, Alan J. Lichtenberg
April 2005, ©2005
Atmospheric Radiation: A Primer with Illustrative Solutions (3527410988) cover image
by James A. Coakley Jr., Ping Yang
September 2014
Comets And Their Origin: The Tools To Decipher A Comet (3527412816) cover image
by Uwe Meierhenrich
December 2014
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Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles (0471293407) cover image
by Craig F. Bohren, Donald R. Huffman
March 1998, Paperback (E-book also available)
Photons and Atoms: Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics (0471184330) cover image
by Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Jacques Dupont-Roc, Gilbert Grynberg
March 1997, Paperback
Single-Molecule Optical Detection, Imaging and Spectroscopy (3527614702) cover image
by W. E. Moerner (Editor), M. Orrit (Editor), U. P. Wild (Editor), Thomas Basche (Editor)
September 2008, E-book
Quantum Computing: A Short Course from Theory to Experiment (3527617779) cover image
by Joachim Stolze, Dieter Suter
September 2008, E-book
Electronic Correlation Mapping: From Finite to Extended Systems (3527618538) cover image
by Jamal Berakdar
July 2008, E-book
Spatially Resolved Magnetic Resonance: Methods, Materials, Medicine, Biology, Rheology, Geology, Ecology, Hardware (3527611835) cover image
by Peter Blumler (Editor), Bernhard Blumich (Editor), Robert E. Botto (Editor), Eiichi Fukushima (Editor)
July 2008, E-book
Molecular Photonics: Fundamentals and Practical Aspects (3527613218) cover image
by Kazuyuki Horie (Editor), Hideharu Ushiki (Editor), Françoise M. Winnik (Editor)
July 2008, E-book
Light-Matter Interaction, Volume 1, Fundamentals and Applications (3527617892) cover image
by John Weiner, P.-T. Ho
July 2008, E-book
Photophysics of Molecular Materials: From Single Molecules to Single Crystals (3527607390) cover image
by Guglielmo Lanzani (Editor)
May 2006, E-book
Concepts of Highly Excited Electronic Systems (3527606386) cover image
by Jamal Berakdar
March 2006, E-book