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All Titles in Neuropsychology (34)

Neuroscience-based Cognitive Therapy: New Methods for Assessment, Treatment and Self-Regulation (1119993741) cover image
by Tullio Scrimali
April 2012, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
US $57.95 Buy
Principles of Psychopharmacology for Mental Health Professionals (0471254010) cover image
by Jeffrey E. Kelsey, Charles B. Nemeroff, D. Jeffrey Newport
June 2006, Paperback (E-book also available)
Handbook of School Neuropsychology (047146550X) cover image
by Rik Carl D'Amato (Editor), Elaine Fletcher-Janzen (Editor), Cecil R. Reynolds (Editor)
August 2005, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Essentials of Neuropsychological Assessment (0471215899) cover image
by Nancy Hebben, William Milberg
July 2002, E-book
Textbook of Psychiatric Epidemiology, 3rd Edition (047069467X) cover image
by Ming T. Tsuang (Editor), Mauricio Tohen (Editor), Peter Jones (Editor)
April 2011, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $297.00 Buy
Bipolar Disorder: Clinical and Neurobiological Foundations (0470721987) cover image
by Lakshmi N. Yatham (Editor), Mario Maj (Editor)
October 2010, Hardcover (E-book also available)
US $253.00 Buy
Systems Biology in Psychiatric Research: From High-Throughput Data to Mathematical Modeling (3527325034) cover image
by Felix Tretter (Editor), Georg Winterer (Editor), Peter J. Gebicke-Haerter (Editor), Eduardo R. Mendoza (Editor)
June 2010, Hardcover, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
US $201.95 Buy
Psychosis, Trauma and Dissociation: Emerging Perspectives on Severe Psychopathology (0470511737) cover image
by Andrew Moskowitz, Ingo Schafer, Martin Justin Dorahy
December 2008, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Child Neuropsychology: Concepts, Theory, and Practice (1405152664) cover image
by Jonathan Reed (Editor), Jody Warner-Rogers (Editor)
October 2008, ©2008, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
Sensory Guidance of Movement (0470515570) cover image
by Gregory R. Bock (Editor), Jamie A. Goode (Editor)
April 2008, E-book
Psychological Approaches to Rehabilitation after Traumatic Brain Injury (1405111674) cover image
by Andy Tyerman (Editor), Nigel S. King (Editor)
April 2008, Hardcover, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
US $224.00 Buy
Neuroscience: An Introduction (1861563892) cover image
by J. F. Stein, Catherine Stoodley
August 2006, Paperback
Handbook of Cognition and Emotion (0471978361) cover image
by Tim Dalgleish (Editor), Mick Power (Editor)
May 1999, Hardcover (E-book also available)
Mechanistic Relationships Between Development and Learning (0471977020) cover image
by Thomas J. Carew (Editor), R. Menzel (Editor), C. J. Shatz (Editor)
June 1998, Hardcover