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Introduction to Forest Ecosystem Science and Management, 3rd Edition (0471331457) cover image
by Raymond A. Young (Editor), Ronald L. Giese (Editor)
December 2002, ©2003
Bioenergy from Dendromass for the Sustainable Development of Rural Areas (3527337644) cover image
by David Butler Manning (Editor), Albrecht Bemmann (Editor), Michael Bredemeier (Editor), Norbert Lamersdorf (Editor), Christian Ammer (Editor)
November 2015
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Logging and Pulpwood Production, 2nd Edition (0471868221) cover image
by George Stenzel, Thomas A. Walbridge, Jr., J. Kenneth Pearce
August 1985, Hardcover
Forestry Handbook, 2nd Edition (0471062278) cover image
by Karl F. Wenger (Editor)
March 1984, Hardcover
Wildlife Biology, 2nd Edition (047108042X) cover image
by Raymond F. Dasmann
January 1981, ©1981, Paperback
Ecology and Management of Forest Soils, 4th Edition (047097947X) cover image
by Dan Binkley, Richard Fisher
January 2013, Hardcover, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
US $159.95 Buy
Die Entwicklung von Wald-Biozönosen nach Sturmwurf (3527321772) cover image
by Anton Fischer (Editor)
October 2010, Paperback
North American Trees, 5th Edition (0813815266) cover image
by Richard J. Preston, Jr., Richard R. Braham
April 2003, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell
Ecology and Management of Central Hardwood Forests  (0471137588) cover image
by Ray R. Hicks
November 1998, Hardcover
Wildland Recreation: Ecology and Management, 2nd Edition (0471194611) cover image
by William E. Hammitt, David N. Cole
September 1998, Hardcover
Fire Effects on Ecosystems  (0471163562) cover image
by Leonard F. DeBano, Daniel G. Neary, Peter F. Ffolliott
March 1998, Hardcover
Environmentally Friendly Technologies for the Pulp and Paper Industry (0471157708) cover image
by Raymond A. Young (Editor), Masood Akhtar (Editor)
November 1997, Hardcover
Resource Assessment in Forested Landscapes (0471155829) cover image
by David D. Reed, Glenn D. Mroz
October 1997, Hardcover
Wilderness and the Changing American West (0471133965) cover image
by Gundars Rudzitis
November 1996, Paperback
The Urban Forest: Comprehensive Management (0471122750) cover image
by Gene W. Grey
December 1995, Hardcover
Outdoor Recreation: United States National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands (0471053732) cover image
by Charles I. Zinser
August 1995, Hardcover
US $350.95 Buy
Landscape Forestry (0471007846) cover image
by Stephen G. Boyce
February 1995, Hardcover
Regional Silviculture of the United States, 3rd Edition (0471598178) cover image
by John W. Barrett (Editor)
December 1994, Hardcover
Sampling Methods for Multiresource Forest Inventory (0471552453) cover image
by Hans T. Schreuder, Timothy G. Gregoire, Geoffrey B. Wood
March 1993, Hardcover
Forest Nutrition Management (0471818836) cover image
by Dan Binkley
October 1986, Hardcover
Forest Entomology: Ecology and Management (0471025739) cover image
by Robert N. Coulson, John A. Witter
May 1984, Hardcover
Principles of Wildlife Management (0471016497) cover image
by James A. Bailey
March 1984, ©1984, Paperback