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Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology (1119215129) cover image
by Andrew G. Burton
October 2017
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Small Animal Anesthesia and Analgesia (081380230X) cover image
by Gwendolyn L. Carroll (Editor)
February 2008, Hardcover, Wiley-Blackwell
US $102.99 Buy
BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Practice Management and Development (1905319401) cover image
by Carole Clarke, Marion Chapman
November 2012, Paperback
US $140.99 Buy
Clinical Manual of Small Animal Endosurgery (1405190019) cover image
by Alasdair Hotston Moore (Editor), Rosa Angela Ragni (Editor)
July 2012, Hardcover, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
US $98.99 Buy
ECG Interpretation in the Critically Ill Dog and Cat (0813809010) cover image
by Thomas K. Day
September 2005, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell
US $61.99 Buy
Small Animal Internal Medicine: Case Management Test Booklet (0683303481) cover image
by Darcy H. Shaw, Sherri L. Ihle
June 1997, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell
Small Animal Ophthalmology: What's Your Diagnosis? (1405151617) cover image
by Heidi Featherstone, Elaine Holt
May 2011, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
US $63.99 Buy
100 Top Consultations in Small Animal General Practice (1405169494) cover image
by Peter Hill, Sheena Warman, Geoff Shawcross
April 2011, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
US $76.99 Buy
Notes on Small Animal Dermatology (1405134976) cover image
by Judith Joyce
August 2010, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
US $83.99 Buy
Rabbit Medicine and Surgery for Veterinary Nurses (1405147067) cover image
by Mary Fraser, Simon Girling
February 2009, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell
Veterinary Nursing of Exotic Pets (0470680520) cover image
by Simon J. Girling
April 2008, E-book, Wiley-Blackwell
Diagnostic Ultrasound in Small Animal Practice (0632053879) cover image
by Paddy Mannion (Editor)
June 2006, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
The Year in Small Animal Medicine, Volume 1 (1405131942) cover image
by Jill E. Maddison (Editor), Mark G. Papich (Editor)
April 2005, Hardcover, Wiley-Blackwell
US $265.99 Buy
Handbook of Primate Husbandry and Welfare (1405111585) cover image
by Sarah Wolfensohn, Paul Honess
February 2005, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
BSAVA Manual of Ornamental Fish, 2nd Edition (0905214579) cover image
by William H. Wildgoose (Editor)
February 2002, Paperback
US $178.99 Buy
Small Animal Oncology (0632052821) cover image
by Joanna Morris, Jane Dobson
March 2001, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell (E-book also available)
Cancer Chemotherapy in Small Animal Practice (063203694X) cover image
by Jane Dobson, Neil T. Gorman
December 1993, Paperback, Wiley-Blackwell
Interpretation of Laboratory Results for Small Animal Clinicians (0632032596) cover image
by B. M. Bush
April 1992, Hardcover, Wiley-Blackwell