Andy Robinson “We are building on local grassroots efforts as well as addressing broader global concerns to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re replacing lightbulbs, banishing Styrofoam, limiting unnecessary travel, and reassessing how we ship products. Looking ahead we’re setting up the means to consult with stakeholders on a regular basis to identify priorities for driving change.”
- Andy Robinson, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Society Services

As a company that operates in and serves countries around the world, we recognize our responsibility to do so in a manner that respects our environment. We take special care to manage the short- and long-term impact of our daily operations on our neighbors and the world. In the end, we strive to make sustainable decisions that are good for business, good for our customers, and good for the environment.


As a publishing company, paper is at the heart of what we do. Our practices and policies reflect our commitment to educating ourselves about, and ultimately selecting, the most environmentally and business-friendly papers. Read about Wiley’s paper practices.


We are committed to reducing—rather than just offsetting—our carbon footprint. New digital initiatives—which allow for smaller print runs and better management of inventory—not only are in line with Wiley’s business strategy but also have enabled us to realize tangible improvements to our environmental impact. Read about Wiley’s carbon footprint.

Green Initiatives

Wiley's culture supports colleagues who accept individual responsibility for the environment. Colleagues at several offices have launched independent “Green Room” initiatives to educate one another about environmental issues and promote widespread awareness about timely and relevant issues. The proliferation of locally driven grass-roots activity shows the depth of Wiley's commitment to the environment and highlights the many ways in which each of us can do our part. Read about Wiley’s green initiatives.


Wiley encourages sustainable forms of travel where possible and provides services and resources to support colleagues who seek alternative methods of commuting. Wiley’s flexible work arrangements, transportation benefits program, and facility choices further reduce the environmental impact of our transportation use. A regular survey of Wiley colleagues helps us evaluate and measure our efforts in this area. Read about Wiley’s transportation programs.

CPSIA Compliance

Ensuring Wiley’s publications comply with government regulations on children's safety is important to us. We have worked closely with the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and our vendors so we fully understand and are compliant with new regulations. Read about Wiley’s CPSIA compliance.