Organizational and Leadership Development

Susan Elbe "Every manager I've ever had at Wiley has urged me to broaden my experience and look at the next level, while supporting me in my current job. They had faith in me, even early on when I wasn't always sure of myself."
- Susan Elbe, Vice President, Community Engagement

Wiley offers a wide array of formal professional development and training programs, initiatives, and benefits to help colleagues develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies essential for successfully performing in their current positions and to prepare them to grow professionally at Wiley.

For example, position shadowing permits colleagues, on a part-time basis, to observe colleagues in other functions or core businesses to better understand how they operate. And position rotation allows colleagues to temporarily assume full-time responsibility for open positions in different business locations around the world.

Additional offerings include:

  • 100% reimbursement of tuition for approved courses, registration fees, and costs of required textbooks for full-time colleagues (benefit varies by location);
  • A formal performance planning and review process that includes a discussion about and process for continued development; 
  • Performance management and leadership training for all managers;
  • Opportunities to explore other positions at Wiley and receive feedback regarding the competencies and accomplishments required to reach new heights; and
  • Resources such as training classes, in-house workshops, and small discussion groups geared toward professional development topics and mentoring.