Julie Jeffries "At Wiley, each sale is recognized as an accomplishment, and success is something to be honored. One year, a colleague and I were honored with a Pacesetter Award for promoting a new product line. I received a personal message from Peter Wiley, Chairman of the Board, and was invited to lunch with our CEO at the time, Will Pesce, so he could personally celebrate this accomplishment with us.
- Julie Jeffries, Business Solutions National Account Manager, Wiley Canada

Wiley honors colleagues who have made significant contributions to the company's success with semi-annual Pacesetter Awards, which recognize individuals and teams for their outstanding efforts and achievements, and the annual President's Award, which celebrates extraordinary achievements and exemplary performance. Colleagues may also be nominated for monetary Performance Awards each year.

Employment anniversaries are celebrated at five-year intervals, and it is not unusual for colleagues to mark their 25th anniversary as a Wiley colleague. To celebrate these milestones, Wiley publishes the news of colleagues' anniversaries in internal publications and provides monetary length-of-service awards.