Work/Life Balance

"This is an organization that actively develops and considers its colleagues, that challenges and stretches people while supporting and nurturing them."
Gareth Prior, Vice President of Strategy & Operations, Research

Wiley recognizes the challenge of balancing a professional career with family and personal responsibilities. We offer flexibility and a range of benefits and services geared toward helping colleagues achieve a healthy balance between work and life.

Alternative work arrangements are supported where appropriate. These may include telecommuting, off-site offices, position sharing, compressed work weeks, and a formal flextime policy. Colleagues may also be granted unpaid personal leaves of absence for education, public service, or to care for an ill or disabled family member.

Wiley provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to serve all North America locations. The program is standardized to provide valuable information, counseling, and program resources consistently to all Wiley colleagues. The EAP also includes a dependent and elder care referral program. At some locations, Wiley provides a Health Advocate program for colleagues and eligible family members.

In addition, Wiley offers a variety of special benefits to enrich colleagues’ experiences and to promote enjoyment and comfort at work. Initiatives vary by location, but some examples include:

  • Company-sponsored social events; 
  • Free or discounted admission to specific cultural and charitable organizations; 
  • 50% discount on all Wiley products; 
  • On-site lactation rooms; 
  • Health and safety fairs with information and services such as free cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose screenings and flu shots; 
  • On-site weight management and exercise programs; 
  • Company-sponsored basketball, softball, soccer, and running teams, as well as activities such as book and hobby clubs; 
  • Complimentary hot beverages; and 
  • Company-sponsored colleague performances and art exhibitions.