Richard Meyer "Commuting by bicycle has made me think differently about driving and, as a result, I’ve cut down on unnecessary trips. Wiley’s Indianapolis office has convenient bicycle racks, lockers, and showers. When gas prices rose during the summer of 2008, the bike rack became rather crowded. That tells me there are a lot more people who could ride in more regularly than they do."
- Richard Meyer, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Solutions Integration, Indianapolis

Wiley encourages sustainable forms of travel where possible. When selecting facilities, Wiley aims to maximize accessibility to public transportation and/or other alternative transportation methods.

A transportation survey conducted of Wiley colleagues showed that more than 90% of colleagues working at global headquarters commute to work on mass transit. Wiley also offers a free shuttle bus service to and from Wiley’s headquarters and a central Manhattan location, as well as a transit subsidy to encourage mass transit use among colleagues who were with Wiley at the time of the Hoboken relocation.

In the U.S., Wiley offers a company-sponsored, tax-free commuter/mass transit benefit program, administered by WageWorks. This program helps colleagues cut down on the cost of commuting and helps facilitate the use of public transportation.

Where sensible, colleagues are encouraged to cycle to work. On-site, secure bicycle storage is provided in the United Kingdom, Hoboken, Indianapolis, and San Francisco offices. Carpools and ride sharing are encouraged on electronic ride boards where colleagues can exchange information and connect with one another.

As part of ongoing efforts to ensure Wiley's work environment meets colleagues' needs and helps them balance work and personal commitments, Wiley also offers flexible work arrangements that reduce both commuting time and associated costs.