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In our recent market survey, an overwhelming majority of faculty and administrators (more than 90%) agreed that faculty development is a key component of your student retention strategy. Wiley is deeply committed to your ongoing professional development through a wealth of resources.



Jossey-Bass, a Wiley imprint, is the leading and largest publisher of professional development and training materials. Jossey-Bass publishes books, periodicals, and other media to inform and inspire those interested in developing themselves, their organizations and their communities. Jossey-Bass’ publications feature the work of some of the world’s best-known authors in leadership, business, education, religion and spirituality, parenting, nonprofit, public health and health administration, conflict resolution and relationships.

For more information visit www.josseybass.com


The Wiley Faculty Network (WFN) is a global community of faculty, connected by a passion for teaching and a drive to learn, share, and collaborate. Its mission is to enrich the teaching experience and promote the effective use of technology. The Wiley Faculty Network enables your instructors to collaborate with colleagues, find mentors, attend virtual and live events, and access a wealth of resources all designed to support excellence in teaching.

The Faculty Network website features a range of resources contributed by faculty, including: best practices, teaching and learning websites, showcase courses, and step-by-step tutorials on various technologies. Faculty Network mentors are faculty from educational institutions around the country, who are passionate about enhancing instructional efficiency and effectiveness through best practices. Instructors can engage a faculty mentor in an online conversation at any time. WFN offers a wide range of virtual guest lectures, with topics focusing on best practices for the classroom, online environment, working with the adult learner, and much more.

Go to www.wileyfacultynetwork.com to learn more.