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About Us

When you think custom content do you think...Complicated, Inflexible, or Expensive?

Not at Wiley. Wiley Custom offers an array of tools and services designed to put content creation in your hands. Our suite of custom products empowers you to create high-quality, economical education solutions tailored to meet your needs.

At Wiley we make it simple. You can enhance your curriculum with our custom solutions program or use Wiley Custom Select, our online tool, to build your own custom alternatives in three easy steps.

One size doesn't always fit all when it comes to developing learning materials. We have created a variety of flexible solutions, including customizing a new text, enhancing your current book, developing a custom lab manual, building custom course packs, and adding additional content.

When creating custom learning materials, you select only the content needed for your course, so your students are paying less - only for what they use.

Transform your course materials today at www.customselect.wiley.com.