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November 23, 2015

EY Tax Guide 2016 Now Available

With new chapters of information on tax preparation, the EY Tax Guide 2016 is now available online and in bookstores nationwide to guide taxpayers through the tax filing season. New to the 31stedition are important updates on tax law changes, particularly two chapters related to premium tax credits (PTCs) and tangible property regulations, and how they affect people.

November 16, 2015

The Presence of Female Executives May Have a Negative Impact on Other Women Aspiring to Senior Leadership

After analyzing 20 years of data on the S&P 1,500 firms, researchers have proposed a theory that women in top management face an implicit quota, whereby a firm’s leadership makes an effort to have a small number of women on the top management team but makes less effort to have, or even resists having, larger numbers of women.

November 11, 2015

Insights from Top Money Managers on Avoiding Dangerous Products

Most people buy financial products and services with the knowledge of an amateur, and are often vulnerable to an unscrupulous advisor. While the financial services industry is full of good people, there are too many "me-first" advisors who offer less than a fair deal for their clients. Wall Street Potholes is filled with illustrative examples, vital information, and time-tested strategies that will give investors more power over their financial future.

November 11, 2015

Top Wiley Business Authors Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur Win 2015 Thinkers50 Strategy Award

Wiley authors Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur have won the prestigious 2015 Thinkers50 Strategy Award – one of a number of Distinguished Achievement Awards given out to celebrate the very best of strategic thinking. They have also been named #15 in the Thinkers50 global ranking of most influential living management thinkers.

November 09, 2015

A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals

In her new book, Storytelling with Data, Nussbaumer Knaflic expands upon the lessons taught in her highly-regarded storytelling with data workshops. It explores the fundamentals of data visualization and how to communicate effectively with data. It illuminates the power of storytelling and the way to make data a pivotal point in a story. Nussbaumer Knaflic’s lessons are grounded in theory, but made accessible through numerous real-world examples—ready for immediate application.

November 09, 2015

The Art of Change Leadership

There's no doubt that workplaces have changed dramatically in the last few years. Unfortunately, many organizations haven't adjusted their approach to be able to perform optimally in this new world. Author and business guru, Cheryl Cran tackles these issues head on in her new book, The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation in a Fast Paced World.

November 02, 2015

Eighth Year of Presidential Terms: Why 2016 May Prove to Be A Lousy Election Year Market

Bull markets tend to occur in the third and fourth years of presidential terms while markets tend to decline in the first and second years. The ‘making of presidents’ is accompanied by an unsubtle manipulation of the economy. Incumbent administrations are duty-bound to retain the reins of power. Subsequently, the ‘piper must be paid,’ producing what we have coined the ‘Post- Presidential Year Syndrome.’  Most big, bad bear markets began in such years.

November 02, 2015

New Book Explores the Life and Legend of Leon Hess: The Last Titan of the Oil Industry

Wiley announces the publication of its new book: Hess: The Last Oil Baron (ISBN: 978-1-118-92344-3) releasing November 2, 2015. The book written by journalists Tina Davis of Bloomberg News and Jessica Resnick-Ault of Thomson Reuters profiles for the first time a titan of the oil industry, mapping the journey of the quintessential American dream. 

October 29, 2015

Wiley acquires AnalystSuccess.com, a leading provider of CFA® exam content.

John Wiley and Sons Inc. (NYSE: JWA and JWB), announced the acquisition of AnalystSuccess.com and related content from The American College of Financial Services, based in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

October 27, 2015

Ray Sclafani's New Book Details Process for Re-Framing of Advisor Teams to Stay Competitive in Evolving Financial Landscape

You've Been Framed opens by establishing a very clear premise: financial advising is a noble profession. Like doctors, and attorneys, advisors do meaningful work -- "impact" work, as Sclafani calls it. And when the good advisors do their jobs well, their impact extends through generations of families. Yet a financial landscape that has been evolving from the beginning is now undergoing perhaps more change, more rapidly, than ever before in its history. Sclafani applies over twenty-five years of experience in financial services and in working with thousands of financial advisors to provide a step by step road map to "re-framing" or re-positioning a firm for the benefit of advisor and client alike.

October 27, 2015

The Negotiation Book: Your Definitive Guide to Successful Negotiating, 2nd Edition

The Negotiation Book is aimed at professionals who have to negotiate deals in their company and want to develop their skills in this area. 

October 26, 2015

America’s Number One Tax Guide for Over 75 Years

A comprehensive topic index and quick reference section help readers quickly find the answers they need with in-depth insight and timely advice. The updated guide includes over 2,500 easy-to-use tax planning tips and coverage of the year's tax law changes.

October 21, 2015

X: Where Business Meets Design

In his new book X: Where Business Meets Design, bestselling author Brian Solis shares why great products, creative marketing and delightful customer service are no longer enough to succeed. Beautifully designed as an “analog app” to showcase the philosophy of what Solis refers to as “experience architecture,” X explores why an experience is everything and an experience is intentional by design. He outlines why the future of business is experiential and how to proactively create and cultivate meaningful experiences rather than react to them.

October 14, 2015

New Book Redefines Innovation: The Innovative Mindset Imparts Set of Behaviors That Can Transform How We Act

When the curtain goes up, improvisational comedy actors step into their roles as master innovators, working without a script. For the past 15 years, John Sweeney and Elena Imaretska have shared those razor-sharp improv-based behaviors and skills with hundreds of top companies, demonstrating to everyone from CEOs to interns how living in the mindset of discovery can ignite a culture of innovation.

October 14, 2015

Persuade: Using the seven drivers of motivation to master influence and persuasion

An expert in influence and persuasion, Hesketh’s new book Persuade draws on scientific studies to explain the psychological drivers that motivate people. Through this, he offers readers valuable insights to help them increase their motivation, improve their relationships, negotiate more effectively, get people to like them and ultimately get their own way more often.

October 07, 2015

Envestnet's Jay Hummel Offers Professionals Advice on Succession Planning in New Book

Written to outline the considerations and strategies that lead to a better future for businesses, the book shares the insight of both company founders and successors, including 27 executives from the financial-services, accounting and legal industries, including Fidelity's head of the RIA segment, Bob Oros, Pershing Advisor Solutions Chief Executive Officer Mark Tibergien, Schwab's head of Advisor Services, Executive Vice President, Bernie Clark and Envestnet's President Bill Crager.

October 06, 2015

Critical Selling

Critical Selling is a dynamic and powerful guide for transforming your sales approach and outperforming your competition.

October 06, 2015

Fanatical Prospecting

Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount is filled with the high-powered strategies, techniques, and tools you need to fill your pipeline with high quality opportunities.

October 06, 2015

It's Not Rocket Science

It's Not Rocket Science by Dave Anderson is the common sense guide to putting away flavor-of-the-month toys and getting down to the business of mastering the art of execution.

October 06, 2015

Leading Across New Borders

In LEADING ACROSS NEW BORDERS, Ernest Gundling, Ph.D., global leadership expert and managing partner at Aperian Global, empowers leaders with the skills they need to conquer the challenges of today’s increasingly complex multinational business environment such as managing inclusively; integrating acquisitions; innovating across borders, and running a matrix team.