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March 31, 2010

Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy

Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy is the perfect companion to Lewis Carroll's classic book and director Tim Burton's March 2010 remake of Alice in Wonderland.

March 29, 2010

Rivals! The Ten Greatest American Sports Rivalries of the 20th Century

Richard O. Davies Presents the Top Ten American Sports Rivalries

March 23, 2010

The Longevity Revolution

Lifelong Learning and Community Action for Older Adults

March 11, 2010

Equipping the Australian Public Service for Australia’s Future Challenges

The Australian Government Administration will release a blueprint in early 2010, outlining reform policies that will equip the Australian Public Service with the necessary tools it needs to meet the challenges it would face in a time of changing public expectations, technology and demands.

February 12, 2010

In the Name of God

The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Ethics and Violence

February 12, 2010

Why Politics Can’t Be Freed From Religion

New book discusses the overlap between current affairs, political, and religious debate

February 09, 2010

The Glass Cliff: Female Representation in Politics and Business

Are Women Set Up for Failure in Politics and Business?

February 01, 2010

Navigate the Celebrity Takeover of Twitter

Quickly, and easily, discover what’s happening from Hollywood to Wall Street and beyond with new portable Twitter directory

January 24, 2010

Study shows Renminbi Unlikely to Become a Global Currency

Despite China’s rapid economic ascent and recent financial policy shifts, the Renminbi (RMB) is unlikely to evolve into a world currency in the near future, according to a study in China and World Economy.

January 13, 2010

Book Explains Why "Tea Party movement" is One of the Biggest News Stories of 2009

According to a recent WSJ/NBC News poll the tea party movement currently boasts higher favorability ratings than either the Democratic or Republican Parties. Could this be true? Yes, in fact the “tea party movement” is one of the biggest news stories of 2009 and may be one of the most significant political movements of our time.

December 16, 2009

21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times

A practical guide to the learning our students need to thrive in our times

December 11, 2009

New Workshop Package on Emotional Intelligence Assesment

New training package evaluates emotional intelligence for the workplace.

December 01, 2009

New Book explores the New Politics of Consumerism and Excess

The new book by John Wiley and Sons, EXCESS: Anti-consumerism in the West offers an insightful analysis of anti-consumerism by questioning the belief that consumerism is the underlying condition for economic prosperity and is thus a permanent and systemic imperative to the modern civilization.

November 24, 2009

The High Life Enters India

India by Design - The Pursuit of Luxury and Fashion unveils this culturally complex and dynamic market via a series of interviews with Luxury and Fashion Experts both in India and in Europe. With a view of the "New India," it concentrates on the global Luxury & Fashion Brands emerging market in India with explanations on the country's fashion and luxury heritage from the past and bringing it into the present and future in a new and uniquely Indian way.

November 19, 2009

China Unscathed Through the Financial Crisis

China’s unique economic environment has allowed it to ride through the recent financial crisis relatively unscathed. According to a study in China and World Economy published by Wiley-Blackwell, China should be able to offset the adverse impact of external shocks, putting the economy back on track to resume its strong economic growth.


November 16, 2009

Step into a Symbologist's Shoes with CRACKING CODES & CRYPTOGRAMS FOR DUMMIES®

Cracking Codes & Cryptograms For Dummies features more than 300 different puzzles of varying skill levels, from the simplest substitution puzzles to fiendishly difficult ciphers.

November 09, 2009

Gifts for the Curious: What to Get the Dan Brown Fan

The popularity of Dan Brown’s latest novel, The Lost Symbol, has opened up the secretive world of the Freemasons to millions of readers. The ancient society and puzzling ciphers featured in the book have sparked interest in finding out more about both.

October 16, 2009

WHISKEY & PHILOSOPHY: A Small Batch of Spirited Ideas

The aromatic nose, the smooth taste, and the warm burn down the throat all characterize what makes drinking whiskey a passionate hobby for connoisseurs. Now, a new book unearths the philosophical underpinnings of this pastime.

October 12, 2009


Launched in 1987, Final Fantasy now ranks as one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. The beloved series’ next installment is currently set to release in early 2010, but not before the first, unauthorized book probes the philosophical themes behind the game’s compelling characters and stories.  

October 06, 2009

Political Correctness: A History of Semantics and Culture

New Book Breaks Down the Public Discourse Surrounding Political Correctness