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January 29, 2010



Learn to ask and get anything you want.


January 28, 2010

‘Overweight’ Adults Age 70 or Older Are Less Likely To Die Over A 10 Year Period Than Those Of ‘Normal’ Weight

New Study Calls Into Question Current BMI Guidelines For Older Adults

January 28, 2010

Most parents don’t realise their 4 or 5 year-olds are overweight or obese

Half of the mothers who took part in a study thought that their obese four or five year-old was normal weight, as did 39 per cent of the fathers, according to the February issue of Acta Paediatrica.

January 28, 2010

Rheumatoid Arthritis Doesn’t Hinder Computing Skills

Faster Keyboarding Speed Associated with Touch Typing Training

January 24, 2010

Study shows Renminbi Unlikely to Become a Global Currency

Despite China’s rapid economic ascent and recent financial policy shifts, the Renminbi (RMB) is unlikely to evolve into a world currency in the near future, according to a study in China and World Economy.

January 21, 2010

Do Children Need Both a Mother and a Father?

Study on importance of gender-specific parents in child rearing

January 14, 2010

Parkinson’s patients who are pathological gamblers also display abnormal social behaviour

People with Parkinson’s Disease are more likely to display abnormal social behaviour and make poor decisions in ambiguous circumstances if they are pathological gamblers, according to research in the January issue of the European Journal of Neurology.

January 13, 2010

Book Explains Why "Tea Party movement" is One of the Biggest News Stories of 2009

According to a recent WSJ/NBC News poll the tea party movement currently boasts higher favorability ratings than either the Democratic or Republican Parties. Could this be true? Yes, in fact the “tea party movement” is one of the biggest news stories of 2009 and may be one of the most significant political movements of our time.

January 13, 2010

Nursing students twice as likely to smoke

Public health experts are calling for urgent steps to reduce the number of healthcare professionals who smoke, after a survey of over 800 new nursing students found that more than half were current or former smokers. 

January 06, 2010

Abuse in Childhood Linked to Migraine and Other Pain Disorders

Findings Suggest Abuse Is a Risk Factor for Chronic Headache

January 05, 2010

Forensic science in Court: The Role of the Expert Witness

“The courts wants the truth, as best as can be found and as a forensic scientist it’s your job to help the court come to the right conclusion.” Wilson Wall

January 04, 2010

Animalkind: What We Owe to Animals

“Animalkind raises all the important ethical questions about how we should treat animals.  Whether you are a meat-eater or a vegan, after reading Jean Kazez's lively and concise book, you'll be provoked to think long and hard about her arguments.” —Peter Singer, Author of In Defense of Animals (Wiley-Blackwell, 2005)

"This book will make readers on both sides of animal issues think very deeply.  Essential reading for everyone who is interested in ethical issues regarding the use of animals." —Temple Grandin, Author of Animals Make Us Human and Animals in Translation

December 16, 2009

21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times

A practical guide to the learning our students need to thrive in our times

December 15, 2009

The Importance of Attractiveness Depends on Where You Live

Good Looking People More Socially Connected in Urban Areas

December 14, 2009

Moral Dilemma Scenarios Prone to Biases

Responses to Moral Dilemmas Don't Dictate Moral Judgement

December 02, 2009

Homeless Teenagers Can Return Home with the Help of Family Ties

Family Support a Factor in Decision to Return Home for Homeless Adolescents

December 01, 2009

New Book explores the New Politics of Consumerism and Excess

The new book by John Wiley and Sons, EXCESS: Anti-consumerism in the West offers an insightful analysis of anti-consumerism by questioning the belief that consumerism is the underlying condition for economic prosperity and is thus a permanent and systemic imperative to the modern civilization.

November 30, 2009

Financial Restructuring in Fresh-start Chapter 11 Reorganizations

Chapter 11 Filings Prevalent in today's economy, process needs revisitation say authors of new Financial Management article

November 30, 2009

The Therapeutic Benefits of the Human-Animal Bond

Bonds with Pets Have Unrivaled Therapeutic Benefits

November 19, 2009

China Unscathed Through the Financial Crisis

China’s unique economic environment has allowed it to ride through the recent financial crisis relatively unscathed. According to a study in China and World Economy published by Wiley-Blackwell, China should be able to offset the adverse impact of external shocks, putting the economy back on track to resume its strong economic growth.