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5:05 AM EDT June 07, 2016

Models Make Predictions on Olympic Medals

How many medals will each country win in Rio at this Summer’s Olympic Games? Researchers who derived predictions from two different models anticipate that the USA, China, Russia, and the UK will retain their top positions in the medals ranking, but Brazil and Japan are expected to make the biggest gains. 

September 21, 2015

NFL coach Mike Smith and Bestselling Author Jon Gordon Explore How to Build a Winning Team in Business, Sports, and Life in New Book

You Win in the Locker Room First draws on the extraordinary experiences of Coach Mike Smith and Jon Gordon—consultant to numerous college and professional teams—to explore the seven powerful principles that any business, school, organization, or sports team can adopt to revitalize their organization.

August 13, 2014

Wiley Announces Continued Growth in Titles with Impact Factor

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., today announced a continued increase in the proportion of its journal titles indexed in the 2014 release of Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports® (JCR).  A total of 1,202 Wiley titles (approximately 70%) were indexed, up from 1,193 in the 2012 JCR, and including 13 titles which have been indexed for the first time.

7:00 PM EDT May 25, 2014

Anti-Doping Scientists Pilot Detection Test for EPO Producing Xenon Gas

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry reports on scientists attempts to detect doping drug Xenon

May 06, 2014

Firing David Moyes May Not Solve Manchester United’s Long-Term Problems

new research suggests that of all the myths in Football ‘the illusion of short-term reprieve,' created when a struggling manager is replaced, may be the most perilous.

12:00 AM EDT March 19, 2014

Circumference and Subclinical Atherosclerosis in Retired NFL Players

New research in Clinical Cardiology studies the relationship between neck circumference, metabolic syndrome and subclinical atherosclerosis in retired National Football League Players. 1023 retired NFL players voluntarily participated in health screening exams conducted between September 2007 and November 2009.

February 18, 2014

Daily Walk of Just 3km Can Reduce Risk of Hospitalization for Respiratory Problems

Respirology reports that suffers of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can reduce their risk of being hospitalized with severe attacks, by maintaining an exercise regime of walking between three to six kilometers a day.

12:00 AM EDT October 14, 2013

Muscles and Meth: Drug Analog Identified in ‘Craze’ Workout Supplement

An international team of scientists have identified potentially dangerous amounts of methamphetamine analog in the workout supplement Craze, a product widely sold across the U.S. and online. The study, published in Drug Testing and Analysis, was prompted by a spate of failed athletic drug tests. The results reveal the presence of methamphetamine analog N,α-DEPEA, which has not been safely tested for human consumption, in three samples.

September 02, 2013

Exclusive Interview: Nate Silver’s Statistical Standards for Journalists

StatisticsViews gains an exclusive interview with political pundit and celebrity statistician Nate Silver

April 02, 2013

FIFA-Backed Study Links Contaminated Meat to Failed Doping Tests

From: Drug Testing and Analysis

November 20, 2012

The Savage Way: Successfully Navigating the Waves of Business and Life

The Savage Way is the rags to riches story of Frank Savage; how he overcame humble beginnings to become a trailblazer for African Americans in finance, media, academia and more recently, competitive sailing.

November 15, 2012

Get Ready to Run the Race of Your Life

Running a Marathon For Dummies gives you exercises, programs, and tips to improve your running stamina, speed, and overall health. It takes you from sitting on the couch through running your first 26.2 mile marathon—and beyond.

October 23, 2012

Brandon Steiner says "You Gotta Have Balls"

Celebrating 25 years, Brandon Steiner shares the philosophies that have built Steiner Sports Marketing into one of the largest sports marketing and memorabilia companies in the industry.

October 11, 2012

England World Cup wins and losses linked to 30 percent rise in domestic violence

Domestic violence rates rose by an average of 30 percent each time England won or lost their games during the 2010 World Cup, but draws had little impact on the statistics.

August 15, 2012

The IOC Manual of Sports Injuries: An Illustrated Guide to the Management of Injuries in Physical Activity

Created in collaboration with the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee, this exciting new book provides an extensive guide to the diagnosis, management, and continued care of patients with sports injuries.

August 08, 2012

Learn from the Coach Who Helped China’s Laser Sailor Win Gold

Jon Emmett has succeeded in guiding China’s Xu Lijia to a gold medal in the Laser Radial class in the London 2012 Olympic Games at Weymouth.

July 27, 2012

How Sports Marketing Builds Strong Brands

In preparation for this year’s 2012 London Olympics, John A. Davis’ book, The Olympic Games Effect: The Value of Sports Marketing in Creating Successful Brands, Revised and Updated, shares how, in recent years, the games have evolved into a seductively attractive vehicle for a wide range of audiences, from consumers to corporations, and the impact each Olympics had on the city and nation where the Games were hosted. 

July 12, 2012

Stimulant Marketed as “Natural” in Sports Supplement Actually of Synthetic Origin

A new study published in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis found that DMAA, a stimulant often found in many nutritional and sports supplements, does not originate from natural substances and is actually comprised of synthetic compounds.

July 11, 2012

Sailing - Philosophy for Everyone: Catching the Drift of Why We Sail

What drives someone to row across the Atlantic or sail, single-handed, around the globe? What does it feel like to be a human, alone, in the middle of a huge ocean? Sailing – it’s an unpredictable and dangerous activity and yet it has woven its way into the hearts and souls of many for centuries.