Subsidiary Rights Licenses

Digital Rights to Wiley Book Products
Veronika Yefremenko
E-mail: vyefreme@wiley.com

Foreign Language Translation, Serial, Audio, TV, Film, and Book Club Rights
Ingrid Villegas
E-mail: rightsrequests@wiley.com

All Chinese, Korean, and South East Asian Language Rights
Cheryl Lee
E-mail: cherlee@wiley.com

Site Licenses

Higher Education Titles
Patrick Flatley
Tel: (201) 784-7881
E-mail: pflatley@wiley.com

Professional Development Titles
Nancy Ziser
E-mail: nziser@wiley.com

Scientific, Technical, Medical, & Scholarly (STMS) Titles
E-mail: onlinelibrarysales@wiley.com

Modern Language Audio Tapes
Magali Iglesias
Tel: (201) 748-5695
E-mail: miglesia@wiley.com

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