WileyFlex - Flexible Pricing and Flexible Formats
WileyFlex provides students with a range of prices and a variety of formats to get the content they need.

Have you ever thought to yourself: "How can I get away with not buying a book but still get a good grade for this class?" We have great news! Wiley has just lowered the price of our e-textbooks. E-Textbooks are complete digital versions of the text that help students study more efficiently as they:
  • Access content online and offline on their desktop, laptop and mobile device
  • Search across the entire book content
  • Take notes and highlight
  • Copy and paste or print key sections

E-Textbooks are available anywhere you shop for your course materials, including your campus bookstore. You can purchase a Wiley E-Text: Powered by VitalSource directly from www.wiley.com at a typical savings of 60% or more. For more information, view our WileyFlex video.

Your WileyPLUS Purchase Options
If your instructor is requiring WileyPLUS for your course, you will need a registration code.  It's your choice to buy it with or without the printed text:
  • Use the online version of your text in WileyPLUS. Simply go to www.wileyplus.com/buy and save!
  • Buy the new, printed text in the bookstore and a WileyPLUS access code will be included.
  • Note:  If you purchase a used book you'll still need to buy a WileyPLUScode. The above options are the most cost efficient.

Visit www.wileyplus.com for the current course catalog.