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About Wiley Advantage Audit

Wiley Advantage Audit is an easy to use Audit Program and Planning Document, fully peer reviewed under AICPA standards. Wiley Advantage Audit helps auditors comply with risk-based auditing professional standards in a straightforward manner and makes these risk based audits profitable again!

Switch to Wiley Advantage Audit to help you make low-complexity audits profitable again.

Have your small-company audits become exercises in filling out onerous forms? Tired of working through a five-hundred page document to do a low-complexity audit? There is an alternative—Wiley Advantage Audit is dramatically shorter and easier than other national practice aids.

Customized for different industries and designed to maximize audit best practices, Wiley Advantage Audit gives auditors of non-public companies the tools they need to become more efficient. Each industry package includes everything an auditor needs to complete a thorough, but quick, audit:

  • Risk-Based Planning Document, covering all of the details you need and none of the "N/As"
  • A confirmation manual, with sample engagement letters and other correspondence related to the audit
  • A Planning Document filled out with sample company information, to help guide you through the audit.

Different industries have distinct attributes that require customized audit approaches, so don't settle for the "one size fits all" approach. Each Wiley Advantage Audit guide is specifically tailored for a particular industry audit, to save you time and effort.