Fundraising for Boards

This website provides companion and auxiliary materials appropriate for use with A Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Board Members (a publication of the AFP/Wiley Nonprofit Essentials series) by Julia Ingraham Walker.

Readers can use this site to download information that can be useful in training and preparing board members to fundraise. The materials include:

I. PowerPoint Presentation: The 5 Elements of the Successful Ask (exclusive to this website)

II. Materials for a Board Retreat on Fundraising

  • Preparation      
  • Sample Board Retreat Agenda      
  • Next Steps: After the Meeting      
  • Attachments to Use in Board Retreat on Fundraising
  •         1. Sample Board Retreat Agenda with Discussion Points
            2. Board Retreat Goals
            3. Sample Table of Needs
            4. Fundraising Goals and Timeline
            5. Case Statement Summary
            6. Board Policy on Giving
            7. Sample Charge to the Development Committee
            8. Role of the Board and the Staff in Fundraising

    III. Materials for Board Training Exercise on Fundraising

  • Role Play Exercise: Introduction      
  • Sample Script Call #1      
  • Sample Script Call #2      
  • Sample Script Call #3

  • Most of these materials (the contents of sections II and III) are also printed in the Appendix of the book, but are available on this website for you to download and edit to fit the needs of your organization. Included exclusively on this site is the PowerPoint presentation, "The 5 Elements of the Successful Ask".

    Please feel free to give us feedback about your experiences with board fundraising by contacting the author, Julia Ingraham Walker at julia.i.walker@gmail.com.