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WileyPLUS for Mathematics and Statistics offers a wealth of assessment tools, outcomes reporting, algorithmically – generated problems, and remedial tutorials that allow you to extend the learning experience beyond the classroom and keep students on-task seven days a week. Instant feedback and automatic grading
by Maple give you more time to teach and help you be more effective in the classroom.
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Introductory Statistics
Statistics: Principles and Methods, 6E International Student Version
  Johnson, Statistics: Principles and Methods, 6E International Student Version

An algebra-based text designed for general audiences, Johnson gives students the strong foundation required to go on to upper-level statistics courses. Pedagogies are updated to help contextualize concepts and procedures. There’s a rich collection of real-life examples and exercises, new and updated applications covering a wide variety of disciplines. A summary of the steps for using MINITAB, EXCEL, and the TI-84 calculator is included at the end of most chapters.
Introductory Statistics, 7E International Student Version   Mann, Introductory Statistics, 7E International Student Version

A low-mid level traditional text, Mann has made statistics both interesting and accessible to a varied of audience. This book takes a careful step-by-step approach with learning motivated by applications, case studies, and current data that students will recognize. It includes 200 examples covering a variety of topics, case studies all based on real data, and technology sections.
Statistics: From Data to Decision, 2E
  Watkins, Statistics: From Data to Decision, 2E

Statistics teaches a modern approach, using graphing calculators and allows students to place more emphasis on statistical concepts and data analysis. This book uses real data and problems, gives the design and analysis of both experiments and surveys an honest treatment, and encourages students to be active participants in the classroom through activities and dialog.