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All Titles in Critical Issues on Campus (31)

Realizing General Education: Reconsidering Conceptions and Renewing Practice: AEHE Volume 42, Number 2 (111924465X) cover image
by Cynthia A. Wells
January 2016, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
US $29.00 Buy
Gender and Sexual Diversity in U.S. Higher Education: Contexts and Opportunities for LGBTQ College Students: New Directions for Student Services, Number 152 (1119220203) cover image
by Dafina-Lazarus Stewart (Editor), Kristen A. Renn (Editor), G. Blue Brazelton (Editor)
December 2015, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
US $29.00 Buy
College Completion for Latino/a Students: Institutional and System Approaches: New Directions for Higher Education, Number 172 (1119193826) cover image
by Melissa L. Freeman, Magdalena Martinez
December 2015, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
US $29.00 Buy
Women in Higher Education (WHE) cover image
2017, Journal
Creating Multicultural Change on Campus (1118242335) cover image
by Raechele L. Pope, Amy L. Reynolds, John A. Mueller, Caryn McTighe Musil (Foreword by)
July 2014, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
US $45.00 Buy
Black Male Collegians: Increasing Access, Retention, and Persistence in Higher Education: ASHE Higher Education Report 40:3 (1118941659) cover image
by Robert T. Palmer, J. Luke Wood, T. Elon Dancy, Terrell L. Strayhorn
July 2014, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
Asian Americans in Higher Education: Charting New Realities: AEHE Volume 40, Number 1 (1118884906) cover image
by Yoon K. Pak (Editor), Dina C. Maramba (Editor), Xavier J. Hernandez (Editor)
April 2014, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
The Influence of Fraternity and Sorority Involvement: A Critical Analysis of Research (1996 - 2013): AEHE Volume 39, Number 6 (1118866916) cover image
by J. Patrick Biddix (Editor), Malinda M Matney (Editor), Eric M. Norman (Editor), Georgianna L. Martin (Editor)
March 2014, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
Creating Successful Multicultural Initiatives in Higher Education and Student Affairs: New Directions for Student Services, Number 144 (1118834836) cover image
by Sherry K. Watt (Editor), Jodi L. Linley (Editor)
January 2014, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
US $29.00 Buy
Allies for Inclusion: Disability and Equity in Higher Education: ASHE Volume 39, Number 5 (1118846117) cover image
by Karen A. Myers, Jaci Jenkins Lindburg, Danielle M. Nied
January 2014, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
Increasing Diversity in Doctoral Education: Implications for Theory and Practice: New Directions for Higher Education, Number 163 (1118783581) cover image
by Karri A. Holley (Editor), Joretta Joseph (Editor)
October 2013, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
Latinos in Higher Education: Creating Conditions for Student Success: ASHE Higher Education Report, 39:1 (1118673719) cover image
by Anne-Marie Nuņez, Richard E Hoover, Kellie Pickett, A. Christine Stuart-Carruthers, Maria Vazquez
May 2013, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
Preventing College Student Suicide: New Directions for Student Services, Number 141 (111869483X) cover image
by Deborah J. Taub (Editor), Jason Robertson (Editor)
April 2013, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
Called to Serve: A Handbook on Student Veterans and Higher Education (1118176766) cover image
by Florence A. Hamrick, Corey B. Rumann
November 2012, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
US $47.00 Buy
College Men and Masculinities: Theory, Research, and Implications for Practice  (0470448423) cover image
by Shaun R. Harper (Editor), Frank Harris, III (Editor)
March 2010, Paperback, Jossey-Bass
US $70.00 Buy
Helping College Students Find Purpose: The Campus Guide to Meaning-Making (0470408146) cover image
by Robert J. Nash, Michele C. Murray, Sharon Daloz Parks (Foreword by)
February 2010, Hardcover, Jossey-Bass
US $44.00 Buy