Wiley WILMOTT Summit

Risk and Quantitative Modeling in Finance
December 11th, 2012
Columbia University, New York

Join thought leaders Paul Wilmott, Ed Thorp and Pat Hagan among others to address the fundamental topics within risk and quant finance at the first Wiley WILMOTT Summit.

WILMOTT Magazine celebrates ten years of serving the risk and quantitative finance community by drawing together the lessons of the last decade and restating the discipline's fundamental role in driving the future success of the global market economy. This is the time to define what quantitative finance really means beyond the fallout of the Global Financial Crisis and to identify the technology and techniques that will power innovation and growth.

WILMOTT and Wiley Global Finance invite you to be involved as quantitative finance moves on to a new phase in its evolution at the heart of the markets. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this visionary meeting of some of the greatest minds in Risk and Quant finance.


CFOs, Quants, Risk Managers, Traders, Professionals in Mathematical Finance

Keynote and featured speakers Paul Wilmott, Edward O. Thorp, Aaron Brown, Kent Osband, Alireza Javaheri, Pat Hagan, Peter Jäckel and discussion leader Jack Schwager address fundamental quant and risk topics.

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Wiley Wilmott Summit - Live Event:

Attend and listen to presentations, participate in discussions and network with peers and speakers. Refreshments, drinks reception and champagne roundtables included.
Limited spaces available.
Attendance at Live Event $599

Wiley Wilmott Summit - Live Streaming:

Can't attend in person? Join the live streaming session.
Live Streaming: $345
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Wilmott's Greatest Hits: Celebrating 10 Years

From WILMOTT magazine that offers you cutting-edge research, innovative models, new products and in-depth analysis of quantitative finance, this anthology contains over 60 groundbreaking features and articles, thematically arranged with insightful introductions and new material.

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Paul Wilmott
Proprietor of www.wilmott.com, Course Director for the Certificate in Quantitative Finance.

Alireza Javaheri
Head of Equities Quantitative Research Americas at J.P. Morgan and Adjunct Professor of Mathematical Finance at Courant Institute of New York University

Aaron Brown
Risk Manager, AQR Capital Management

Kent Osband

Kent Osband
Founder, RiskTick LLC.

Edward O. Thorp

Edward O. Thorp
Author and Hedge Fund Manager

Patrick S. Hagan

Patrick S. Hagan
Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Oxford University

Peter Jackel

Peter Jäckel
Deputy Head of Quantitative Research, VTB Capital, London

Jack Schwager

Jack Schwager
Manager ADMIS Diversified Strategies Fund and Author of Market Sense and Nonsense and Market Wizard book series

WILMOTT magazine

Celebrating 10 years of serving the quantitative finance community!

With six information-packed issues every year, it's the easiest way for you to keep up to date with quantitative analysis, the institutions and the people who make it happen.


Wiley Global Finance is a market-leading provider of over 400 annual books, mobile applications, CDs, online training tools, newsletters and websites for both professionals and consumers in institutional finance, trading, corporate accounting, tax, CPA exam prep, and personal finance. We are proud to publish industry experts and professionals at the forefront of the sector including Paul Wilmott, Emanuel Derman, Espen Haug, Aaron Brown and Alireza Javaheri.

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