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Higher & Adult Education Newsletters

These monthly newsletters feature up-to-date news on the latest legal developments and innovative practices for every aspect of campus administration and life. They are available in print, online, and as a PDF delivery.

Student Affairs Today

Student Affairs Today is your source for both legal and best-practices guidance for handling your day-to-day challenges—from student conduct codes to campus crises, and from office management to sexual harassment. Get practical strategies and up-to-date news on topics including residence halls, student conduct policies, budget cuts, alcohol and drug abuse, crisis prevention, students with disabilities, campus violence, and more. Edited by Claudine McCarthy. Subscribe here.

Enrollment Management Report

Find out which enrollment strategies are working for your colleagues, which aren't, and whyso you can duplicate others' successes. Each month, this comprehensive newsletter gives you practical guidance on all aspects of enrollment management—including records, registration, recruitment, orientation, admissions, retention, and more. From tuition discounting to one-stop shops, and from online applications and registration to recruiting nontraditional and international students, Enrollment Management Report helps you administer the programs that attract students to your school—and keep them there. Edited by Joan Hope. Subscribe here.

The Successful Registrar

This one-of-a-kind newsletter details your colleagues' successful registration programs, innovative uses of technology, sample letters and forms, and much more—so you can adapt their solutions to your problems immediately. Every month, you get practical guidance on all aspects of your job—from implementing the newest technology to complying with FERPA, and from training your staff and student workers to managing students' records. Edited by Joan Hope. Subscribe here.

Campus Security Report

This monthly newsletter empowers you to effectively manage all the challenges you face keeping your campus, students, and employees safe. From protecting students walking around campus after dark, to meeting the complex requirements of the Clery Act—Campus Security Report has the answers you need. Each issue gives you continual, expert guidance to proactively prepare for unexpected crises, such as natural disasters and crimes committed with weapons; create sound policies and protocol that your students and staff can follow; and avoid the mistakes that landed other institutions in the courtroom. Edited by Joan Hope. Subscribe today and ensure your campus is the safe have your students, parents and staff expect it to be.

College Athletics and the Law

Develop a legally sound "game plan" for your institution's athletics programs! Each month, you get expert coaching, news, and case summaries on how to meet NCAA and Title IX requirements, negotiate coaching contracts and sponsorships, support athletes with disabilities, address gender equity, manage facilities, and more. Edited by Claudine McCarthy. Subscribe here.

Campus Legal Advisor

As a higher education administrator, your every decision has legal ramifications. From complying with the ADA and keeping residence halls safe, to protecting the privacy of student information, Campus Legal Advisor delivers proven strategies to address the tough legal issues you face every day. Plus, summaries of recent court cases help you create legally defensible student programs and employment practices. Edited by Claudine McCarthy. Subscribe here.

Disability Compliance for Higher Education

Insightful, innovative, and detailed, Disability Compliance for Higher Education combines interpretation of disability laws with practical implementation strategies to help you accommodate students and staff with disabilities and fulfill your legal obligations. It features real-life guidance on admissions accommodations, testing accommodations, building and grounds accessibility, adaptive technology, grading, funding, and more. Edited by Joan Hope. Subscribe here.

Dean and Provost

From budgeting to faculty tenure, and from distance learning to labor relations, Dean and Provost gives you innovative ways to manage all the challenges of leading your institution. Each month, you learn—from the academic administrator's perspective—how to make the best use of your limited resources, safeguard your institution from frivolous lawsuits, attract major contributors to your endowment and special capital campaigns, create learner-centered programs, and more. Edited by Joan Hope. Subscribe here.

Recruiting & Retaining Adult Learners

With Recruiting & Retaining Adult Learners you'll learn practical and innovative ways to attract and keep mature students—and you'll get expert advice on adapting your programs to meet their particular needs. It is filled with strategies to target your marketing and orientation to adult learners, encourage adult-friendly support systems, take advantage of new technologies, and more. Edited by Joan Hope. Subscribe here.


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