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Religion Compass
American Muslims and Religious Pluralism

Religion Compass
Salvation and the 'Other' in Islamic Thought: The Contemporary Pluralism Debate (in English)

Religion Compass
Modern Qur' anic Hermeneutics

New transnational geographies of Islamism, capitalism and subjectivity: the veiling-fashion industry in Turkey

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi's Ethics of Non-Violence: Implications for Christian-Muslim Relations Today

The Muslim World
Medical Experts & Islamic Scholars Deliberating over Brain Death: Gaps in the Applied Islamic Bioethics Discourse

The Muslim World
Ibn Taymiyya's ?New Mardin Fatwa?. Is genetically modified Islam (GMI) carcinogenic?

The Muslim World
Rep that Islam: The Rhyme and Reason of American Islamic Hip Hop

American Ethnologist
The soul freed of cares? Islamic prayer, subjectivity, and the contradictions of moral selfhood in Minangkabau, Indonesia

Digest of Middle East Studies
Narrating the Self among Arab Americans: A Bridging Discourse between Arab Tradition and American Culture