The AIG Story

In this gripping read, AIG's legendary CEO of forty years, Hank Greenberg, and corporate governance expert, Lawrence Cunningham, relate the complete, inside story of the rise and near-destruction of AIG. And it is a story extremely well told. Readers are regaled with tales from Maurice R. "Hank" Greenberg's firsthand experience at AIG, combined with Cunningham's additional research and interviews.

Not another self-serving business biography or dry corporate history, The AIG Story is a business adventure. In a well-crafted narrative, it tells the story of Greenberg, the free market visionary who, through his legendary genius for risk management, unsurpassed organizational skill and sheer tenacity, transformed a scattered collection of insurance businesses into American International Group, a global financial colossus with nearly $1 trillion in assets on its balance sheets—and how, in the process, he revolutionized the insurance industry.

At the same time, The AIG Story is a fascinating account of the world's rough ride toward globalization and the triumph of free and open markets over communism, nationalism, protectionism, and isolationism, and the significant role Greenberg and AIG played in that victory.

Integral to the story is the authors' well-informed take on the 2008 global financial crisis and AIG's part in it. Greenberg and Cunningham explain how, in 2005, beset by an army of overzealous lawyers and ambitious politicians?foremost among them, then New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer—AIG was seriously wounded. And Greenberg and Cunningham describe how, three years later, in 2008, in an effort to save Wall Street from its own vices, the U.S. Government seized AIG, using it to funnel staggering amounts of bailout money to Goldman Sachs and other "too-big-to-fail" banks. Through Greenberg's direct involvement and Cunningham's craftsmanship, The AIG Story reveals much about those events which, until now, has been kept hidden from the public.

The only firsthand account of American International Group's rise and near-destruction, The AIG Story is both the compelling chronicle of one of the great business success stories of the twentieth century and a captivating history of the evolution of global capitalism over the past six decades.


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