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Here you will get access to the nearly 400 practice questions based on the 78 core competencies covered in the book. CFP® professionals can also choose to upgrade their access codes to earn 28 Continuing Education credits upon answering 70% of the questions correctly.

Whether you're studying to become a financial planner, preparing for the CFP® exam, or a practitioner looking for a comprehensive reference to help serve your clients' needs, this is the ultimate guide. Developed by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board), the Financial Planning Competency Handbook gives you everything you need to meet the daily challenges of your current or future profession.

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In order to use your CE code and take the CE test to earn 28 CE credits, you must first create an account using the pin found at the back of your book or ebook. Under the "Start Your Practice Questions" field above, please enter your back-of-book code and create an account. If you have already created an account with your back-of-book access code, please log back in here. Once logged into your account, add the CE access code to your account by clicking the Add CE Code. You will then be prompted to add your CFP Board Member to your account information and can click update to access the CE version of the test. More information about the CE test.