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Eureka Math, A Story of Units: Grade 5, Module 3: Addition and Subtraction of Fractions   Eureka Math is a state-of-the-art curriculum that meets the needs of the teacher, the trainer, and the student. It provides a complete curriculum for grades K-12, featuring 180 days of instruction across 5-7 modules per grade.

Developed by Common Core, Inc. along with master teachers and mathematicians from New York State Education Dept., Louisiana State University, and others throughout the U.S.

- Each full-color module embodies the instructional "shifts" and the standards for mathematical practice demanded by the CCSS.

- This curriculum is newly developed to meet the CCSS, not revised from an earlier program.

- Each module contains a sequence of lessons that combines conceptual understanding, fluency, and application to meet the demands of each topic in the module.

- Formative assessments are included to support data-driven instruction.

- The Grade K-5 lessons are characterized by instructional shifts in the fluency, application, concept development, and debrief sections.

- The middle and high school grades focus on problem sets, exploration, Socratic discussion, and modeling, to help students internalize the true meaning of coherence and foster deep conceptual understanding.

Discover more information about Eureka Math at Great Minds, including case studies, accolades, additional support materials, and more.

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The Louisiana Dept. of Education recommends
Eureka Math as their only Tier One math curriculum

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