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About Us

Wiley's collection of mass spectral databases provides the research community with reliable and high-quality data collections that help reduce mistakes and increase productivity for toxicology, food, environmental, medicinal, and analytical laboratories. Wiley provides not only the tools, but also the support that researchers need. With nearly 50 years of database experience, Wiley remains the world’s premier publisher of spectroscopic libraries.

Wiley's database publishing began with the Wiley Registry® of Mass Spectral Data, stemming from a collaboration in 1968 between Drs. Sixten Abrahamsson, Einar Stenhagen, and Fred McLafferty on the Atlas of Mass Spectrometry. Since the addition of Wiley-VCH's Chemical Concepts group in 1997 , Wiley has expanded its database publishing from spectroscopy to include premier collections in evidence-based medicine, flavors and fragrances industry, forensics, and much more. Many of the compounds of interest for the leading fields of chemistry can be found in the Wiley published spectral databases below:

Coverage questions can be answered for free at CompoundSearch.com, which includes free structure, name, synonym, and physical property searching for our spectral and synthesis databases.