Cross-Battery Assessment Software System (X-BASS 2.0)

Cross-Battery Assessment Software System (X-BASS) 2.0, which includes new WISC-V interpretive options, is available now. If you have purchased and downloaded it already, please check back for updates regularly. Please see the bolded note below on how to check for updates.

Welcome to the X-BASS 2.0 Product Registration site.

If you have already placed an order for the Access Card, your Access Card with your Unique Access Code will be shipped to you. If you already placed an order for the Download version, you should receive an email that your order has been processed and is ready. The link to enter your Access Code, register and download the file is below. You can log in to your www.wiley.com account and check your My Account / Downloads to view the link to download your software. If you need any assistance, please contact Wiley Customer Care at 877-762-2974.

If you have your Access Card with the unique Access Code and are ready to enter the code, you may do so at the X-BASS 2.0 Code verification site.

If you are a current user of X-BASS 1.x, you may purchase an upgrade at a discounted price by adding it to your cart and purchasing it now. Current users will be validated during the process.

NOTE: Are you currently using X-BASS 2.0? The author provides regular updates and if you've purchased or registered on this site, you have access to the updates to the version you've purchased or registered only. Those updates are available by visiting www.wiley.com account, logging in to your My Account, and checking the products listed in your Downloads. The file name will be updated with a new version number, so check which file version you have to see if an updated version is available. The file name for the most current version is ..._XBASS2_0_V1.6.zip and software is 2.0.1.

If you haven't yet purchased the Cross-Battery Assessment Software System (X-BASS), you may use the product links below to make your purchase.

Access Card

Cross-Battery Assessment Software System 2.0 (X-BASS 2.0) Access Card (1119389089) cover image
by Samuel O. Ortiz, Dawn P. Flanagan, Vincent C. Alfonso
March 2017, Software

Direct Download

Cross-Battery Assessment Software System 2.0 (X-BASS 2.0) Direct Download (1119389097) cover image
by Samuel O. Ortiz, Dawn P. Flanagan, Vincent C. Alfonso
April 2017, Digital Content

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