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Wood Furniture: Finishing, Refinishing, Repairing

ISBN: 978-0-02-517871-7
424 pages
August 1992
Wood Furniture: Finishing, Refinishing, Repairing (0025178717) cover image


1. Introduction to Wood Finishing.

2. Finishing Tools and Supplies.

3. Types of Wood.

4. Introduction to Finish Technology.

5. Veneering.

6. Inlaying.

7. Repairing and Restoring.

8. Stripping Finishes.

9. Wood Preparation.

10. Staining.

11. Shellac Finishes.

12. Varnish Finishes.

13. Lacquer Finishes.

14. Paint and Enamel Finishes.

15. Oil and Wax Finishes.

16. Rubbing, Waxing, and Polishing Finishes.

17. Antiquing (Glazing) and Related Techniques.

18. Gilding and Bronzing.

19. Decorating Furniture.

20. Safety: Fire, Health, and the Environment.




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