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The Macmillan World Atlas with CD-ROM

ISBN: 978-0-02-861445-8
July 1996
The Macmillan World Atlas with CD-ROM (0028614453) cover image


Behold the beauty, majesty, and accuracy of revolutionary new world atlases published by Macmillan and produced from the $20 million Bertelsmann/RV Verlag world digital cartographic database. Peerless in design, quality, and practicality, these new atlases are published in print and CD-ROM formats and feature unique, distinctive benefits:

  • Special coloration shows what the Earth really looks like from space
  • Uniform scale across all continents provides true one-to-one comparisons
  • Transportation routes and POIs are highlighted so map can be used for travel as well as home and office reference

Up-to-date research and clean, modern type ensure readers are getting the most current and clear informationAnd these are just the opening titles in the Macmillan Atlas Geographic Reference category. Look for innovative new titles in Historic Reference such as The Atlas of the Civil War and Popular Reference such as The Atlas of War & Peace: Bosnia Herzegovina.

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