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Windows XP Visual Quick Tips

ISBN: 978-0-470-00924-6
224 pages
January 2006
Windows XP Visual Quick Tips (0470009241) cover image
* Straight-forward task descriptions
* Succinct explanations
* Full-color screen shots
* Numbered steps

Learn How To:
* Maximize Your E-mail Security
* Make Your File Searches Run Faster
* Encrypt Confidential Files and Folders
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Chapter 1 Make Windows XP Faster and More Efficient

Create Shortcuts for Your Favorite Programs 4

Transfer Your Settings from an Old Computer 6

Adjust Visual Effects for Best Performance 12

Ensure Windows XP id Optimized for Programs 14

Adjust a Program’s Priority for Better Performance 16

Turn Off Confirmation for Deleted Files 18

Hear an Alert When You Press the Caps Lock Key 19

Force Windows XP to Use Less Disc Space 20

Disable Fast User Switching 24

Chapter 2 Set Up windows XP the Way you Want

Pin an Item to your Start Menu 32

Remove an Item from Your Start Menu 33

Change the Number of Programs Your Start Menu 34

Show Control Panel As a Menu on Your Start Menu 36

Create a Custom Program Access Configuration 38

Schedule Automatic Updates 40

Synchronize Your System Time 42

Customize Your Desktop Icons 44

Make Your Desktop Icons Easier to See 46

Chapter 3 Enrich Your Media Experience

Customize a Media Folder by Applying a Template 50

Publish Your Images to a Web Site 52

Open Your Images for Editing by Default 56

Compress Your Image Files 58

Add Your Own Noted to an Image 60

Add Sounds to Windows XP Events 62

Activate the Mini Player Toolbar 64

Adjust Playback Settings for Audio and Video 66

Disable CD Recording 68

Enable Parental Control for DVDs 70

Chapter 4 Get the Most Out of Your Files and Folders

Open Your Files and Folders with a Single Click 74

Open a File with a Different Program 75

Add Destinations to Your Send To Menu 76

Protect a File by Making it Read-Only 78

Make Your File Searches Run Faster 80

Move Your My Documents Folder 82

Back Up files to a Recordable CD 84

Change the Default Action for a File Type 86

Work with Network Files Offline 88

Interrupt Printing a File 92

Chapter 5 Maximize Your Internet Connections

Connect to the Internet Automatically 96

Add an Alternate ISP Phone Number 98

Dial Using Area Code Rules 100

Dial a Number to Access an Outside Line 102

Turn Off Your Modem’s Sounds 104

Share Your Connection on the Network 106

Disconnect Automatically After Your Computer Has Been Idle 108

See an Alert When Your Broadband Connection Has a Problem 110

Chapter 6 Enhance Internet Security and Privacy

Protect your Computer from Internet Intruders 114

Guard Your Internet Passwords 116

Restrict Internet Content 118

Set the Web Security Level 120

Thwart E-mail Viruses by Reading Messages in Text 122

Thwart Web Bugs by Blocking Images in Messages 123

Maximize Your E-Mail Security 124

Prevent Outlook Express from Sending a Read Receipt 125

Block People Whose Messages You Do Not Want 126

Block Spam Messages 128

Password-Protect Your Outlook Express Identify 130

Play Internet Media Safety 132

Play Internet Media Privately 133

Chapter 7 Unleash the Power of Internet Explorer

Customize the Links Bar for Easier Surfing 136

Save an Image to Your Computer 138

Turn Off Web Page Sounds and Animations 139

Search from the Address Bar 140

Set up Another Search Engine for Address Bar Searching 142

Remove Saved Addresses from the Address Bar 144

Block Pop-Up Ads 146

Chapter 8 Make E-mail Easier

Go to Your Inbox Automatically 150

Change How Often You Check for Messages 151

Leave Your Messages on the Server 152

Change Your Message Priority 153

Create an E-mail Distribution List 154

Change the Location of Your Message Store 156

Create a Backup Copy of Your Address Book 158

Identify Unknown Senders 160

Exchange electronic Business Cards 162

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Paul McFedries is the president of Logophilia Limited, a technical writing company. Paul has worked with computers large and small since 1975. He has written over 40 books that have sold nearly three million copies worldwide, including the Wiley book Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows XP, 2nd Edition. Paul is also the proprietor of Word Spy, a Web site devoted to recently coined words and phrases. Word Spy generates over a million page views each month, has won numerous awards, and has been mentioned or featured in publications such as The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine. Paul invites you to join in the fun at www.wordspy.com.
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