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The 1970s is Here and Now

ISBN: 978-0-470-01136-2
128 pages
April 2005
The 1970s is Here and Now (047001136X) cover image


The 1970’s was marked by a seismic change that occurred in the representation of ideas in architecture as they appeared monthly on the pages of AD. The magazine bears out the energetic, experimental, environmentally-conscious and ultimately pluralist culture that prevailed throughout the 1960’s, carrying it through to the emergence of Post-Modernism in the late 1970’s. This issue of AD presents a 'Cosmorama for Now', looking at such subjects as housing, schools, health, urban design and planning.

Contributors will include amongst others: Jon Goodbun, FAT,  Kester Ratternbury, David West of Will Aslop Architects, Liza Fior of Muf, Jeremy Till, Nic Clear, Robert Webb, John-Paul Frazer, Pauline van Mourik Brekman and Simon Worthington of Mute Magazine, Sand Helsel, Will McLean & Pete Silver, Adam Kalkin, Chris Muller, Samantha Hardingham.

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Table of Contents

Editorial (H. Castle).

Introduction (S. Hardingham).

A Cosmorama of Now (W. McLean).

A Memory of Possibilities (S. Hardingham).

Out-in-the-Open University (N. Lister).

The Agora at Dronten (J. Madge).

Computing Without Computers (J. Frazer).

Planning Tools (C. Moller).

The Info-Urbanisation of China (T. Jachna).

It's All About Getting What You Want (L. Fior, et al.).

I Love Cad (N. Clear).

On Surrealism and Architecture (J. Goodbun & D. Cunningham).

Sustaining Technology (R. Webb).

Hmmmm Gardening: Some Comments on Garden Style and False Economy (J. Vincent).

Active Narratives (M. Brayer).


Interior Eye: Theatre Underground (C. Kellogg).

Practice Profile: Bevk Perovic arhitekti (V. Croci).

Building Profile: Opera House, Copenhagen (J. Melvin).

Home Run: Soho Court, London (B. Stewart).

Engineering Exegesis: Case Study: Bix (A. Chaszar).

Site Lines: Bubble Bar (H. Watson).

Philip Webb: Pioneer of Arts & Crafts and Architecture (S. Kirk).

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Author Information

Samantha Hardingham was the successful author that the ellipsis series launched their eponymous grey architectural guides with in the 1990s. Her architecture guide to London has been re-issued in five separate editions – most recently by Batsford in 2003. She is also the author of Cedric Price Opera book (Wiley-Academy 2003). She is a research fellow at the School for Architecture and the Built Environment, University of Westminster.
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