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Integrated Medical Sciences: The Essentials

ISBN: 978-0-470-01658-9
348 pages
June 2007
Integrated Medical Sciences: The Essentials (0470016582) cover image


This book is a concise, accessible problem-based approach to the subject using case scenarios to facilitate students taking their pre-clinical or basic sciences examinations.

Using a family of characters in each case scenario, the text reflects the current changes in medical and biomedical science teaching that is increasingly moving towards a more integrated approach through-problem-based learning. The characters, all members of an extended family, appear in several scenarios and the student becomes familiar with their personalities and their disease processes. Each scenario covers the relevant anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, immunology and biochemistry and enables the reader to grasp the key concepts of basic medical sciences in an integrated fashion. 

Key Features:

  • Takes an integrated approach to the subject to reflect recent changes in medical and biomedical science curriculum
  • Further Study sections to enhance understanding and enable the student to read around the subject
  • Intended learning outcomes included at the beginning of each chapter
  • Trigger Boxes containing key facts and revision questions included throughout to ensure key concepts are fully understood

Integrated Medical Sciences: The Essentials is an essential text for first and second year undergraduates taking medical or biomedical sciences (during the pre-clinical phase for medical students.). The book is also an invaluable resource for nursing degree students and allied health students taking courses in dentistry, physiotherapy and pharmacy. In addition, the book is ideal for US and international medical students preparing for the USMLE Step 1 examination.

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Table of Contents

About this book.....


List of Abbreviations.

Chapter 1 The respiratory system.

Zoe’s breathing difficulties....

Grandma’s bad chest....

Chapter 2 The cardiovascular system.

John is a worried man....

Max is attacked!

More problems for Irene....

Back to John’s exam....

John’s little elephant....

Chapter 3 The gastrointestinal system.

Mary’s burning stomach....

Mary’s severe backache….

Mary, 27 years on….

‘Why does everything I eat turn to fat?’

Chapter 4 The urinary system.

Max’s great pain.

Max is fighting, and losing…again!

Max’s cola urine.

John’s diabetic kidney.

Going back to Max....

Chapter 5 The endocrine system.

Mary is slowing down....

Zoe’s moon face....

Max’s terrible headache....

Little John can’t stop drinking....

John’s losing control....

Chapter 6 The musculoskeletal system.

Max and the motorcycle....

More problems for Max.

The open book….

John’s done his back in!

The boy in the wheelchair.

Irene’s dinner fork....

Brittle bone boy with blue eyes….

Big head....

Jane’s hot joints....

John and his hot, red, big toe....

Chapter 7 The nervous system.

Jane’s carpal tunnel.

Albert’s tremor....

A bad night for Irene....

Little John’s rash.

Chapter 8 The reproductive system.

Debbie’ s changes....

Debbie wants a baby....

Debbie’s and Max visit the fertility clinic.

John has a new embarrassing problem....

Debbie is pregnant!!

Debbie’s concerns....

The birth.

Mary’s changes....

Chapter 9 Genetics, oncology and haematology.

Albert’s bleed....

Maria is always tired.

Little John’s scare....

Jimmy’s big, red, painful knee....

John’s clot busters….

Albert has more tests....

Chapter 10 Infection and immunity.

Debbie goes to the doctors; she is pregnant again!!

Debbie’s water works problem....

Baby Zak gets pneumonia....

Ted gets DIC and ARDS after surgery....

Max is lost to follow up….

Max gets very sick....

Debbie has a new partner…and a new problem.

Max’s blood transfusion.


Recommended further reading.


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Author Information

Shantha Perera. University of Wolverhampton, UK

Ho Leung. Lea Road Medical Practice, Wolverhampton, UK 

Rousseau Gama. New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, UK

Stephen Anderson. University of Wolverhampton, UK

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The Wiley Advantage

  • Further study sections to enhance understanding and enable the student to read around the subject- for example students will be asked to write short paragraphs on Immunotherapy, Spriometry, etc.
  • Intended learning outcomes included at the beginning of each chapter
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"…an innovative book designed for students of all disciplines...healthcare practitioners will find it a worthy resource as well." (Doody's Health Services)
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