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Su Doku for Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-01892-7
336 pages
July 2005
Su Doku for Dummies (0470018925) cover image


Su Doku For Dummies offers more puzzles than any other book available.

This pocket-sized guide to the biggest craze for Summer 2005 features:

* Easy to follow illustrated instructions

* Guidance on how to play the game and different strategies to tackle the puzzles

* 240 addictive new puzzles from basic to fiendish

This guide is perfect for newcomers to Su Doku as well as experienced Su Doku players looking to improve their game and addicts who just can't get enough new puzzles!!!

Su Doku (or Sudoku) has been dubbed the Rubik's Cube of the 21st century, it’s a cryptic and highly addictive puzzle that involves inserting numbers in a 9x9 grid and making sure that every row and every column and every 3x3 box within the bigger grid contains all the digits from one to nine.

All it takes is the ability to identify the numerals 1-9, a sense for logic, a methodical cast of mind and a large measure of application to boot. You can get better and quicker, if you put your mind to it. And there is no predicting who will excel: you can be a disaster at maths and a whiz at Su Doku!

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Simplifying Su Doku.

Chapter 2. Taking Su Doku Up a Notch.



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Author Information

Andrew Heron and Edmund James are Su Doku experts and puzzle compilers for national newspapers across the world.
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"...invaluable hints on the strategy of the new numbers game, as well as 240 puzzles of varying difficulty, it's indispensable for fans..." (Western Daily Press, Saturday July 9th 2005)

"...gets you going with the basics and reveals the code for solving these puzzles along with some insider tips on the world of hidden doubles and triples..." (Nottingham Evening Post, 23 July 2005)

"...the handy paperback features easy-to-follow instructions to help you master Su Doku. As well as strategy tips there are 240 puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty." (Scotland's Weekly News, 6th August 2005)

"...invaluable hints on the strategy of the game as well as 240 puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty..." (Great Barr Observer, 5th August 2005)

"...perfect for addicts and newcomers alike...invaluable hints on game strategy..." (Helensburgh Advertiser, 22nd September 2005)

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Free Sudoku puzzle #1
Want to know what all this Sudoku fuss is about? Try out these three FREE Sudoku puzzles; after you get hooked like everyone else, check our other Sudoku puzzle books, which contain hundreds of addictive puzzles, plus plenty of advice for becoming a Sudoku master.

Sudoku's rules are easy:

1. Each column, each row, and each box must contain each of the numbers 1 to 9.
2. Therefore, no column, row, or box can contain two squares with the same number.

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Free Sudoku puzzle #2 348.08 KB Click to Download
Free Sudoku puzzle #3 358.60 KB Click to Download
Free Sudoku puzzle #1 Answer 34.07 KB Click to Download
Free Sudoku puzzle #2 Answer 36.60 KB Click to Download
Free Sudoku puzzle #3 Answer 36.05 KB Click to Download
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