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The 70s House

ISBN: 978-0-470-02419-5
240 pages
January 2006
The 70s House (0470024194) cover image


Often associated in the public's imagination with the excesses of Punk and Glam, the 70s was, in fact, an important watershed for interior domestic design. It marked an essential transition from the Modernist-dominated design culture of the 60s to an era in which style and the individualistic ethos of fashion design became the guiding principles. It can perhaps best be characterised by the idiosyncratic and inventive designs of Vernon Panton and Ettore Sottsass.

In his book, David Heathcote provides a new and fundamentally positive interpretation of the period. He explains how the decade brought forward a plethora of highly diverse styles -- Brutalism, Ad Hocism, Eco/Craft Design, Revivalism/Reclaimism and Postmodernism. With the interest in all things futuristic being as much a part of the period as the Victorian Revival and the self-sufficiency/craft craze. Organised by individual style, this book, with its combination of newly commissioned photography and archive images, will be an essential text and visual resource for anyone interested in the 70s.

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Table of Contents





Kaplan House by Barbara and Julian Neski.

Grobow House by Barbara and Julian Neski.

Richman House by Richard Henderson.

Casa Kalmann by Luigi Snozzi.

Hopkins House by Michael and Patty Hopkins.



Haus Neumann by Dieter Frowein and Jurgen Sawade.

Svolos House by Alexandros Tombazis.

Sofianos House by Alexandros Tombazis.

Sametz House by Alfredo De Vido.



Kleines Atelier by Josef Paul Kleihues.

Casa Marti by Sep Marti.

Tombazis House by Alexandros Tombazis.

De Vido House by Alfredo De Vido.

Great West Plantation by Alan Tye.



Villa Taddei by Gian Piero Frassinelli.

McCombe House by Alfredo De Vido.

Haus Bottcher by Wolfgang Goschel and Rosemarie Barthel.

Manser House by Patrick Gwynne.



Capel Manor by Michael Manser.

Casale Fontibucci by Gian Piero Frassinelli.

Apartment on Piazza San Giovanni by Gian Piero Frassinelli.

Casa Fabi by Gian Piero Frassinelli.

Pen-y-Lyn by Christopher Day.



Casa Bianchi by Mario Botta.

Perlbinder House by Norman Jaffe.

Johnston House by David Johnston.

Casa Felder by Mario Campi and Franco Pessina.

Further Reading.

The Architects.

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Author Information

David Heathcote is a design writer and historian. He is currently the Visiting Lecturer in British 19th and 20th Century Domestic Architecture and is also teaching a course in design history at the Design Museum in London. His book Barbican: Penthouse Over the City, also with photography by Sue Barr, was published by Wiley-Academy in 2004.

Sue Barr is a photographer and tutor at the Architectural Association in London. Her work has been featured in numerous international journals and publications, including Icon and Architectural Design. She is also the photographer for Barbican: Penthouse Over the City and London Caffs, published in 2004 by Wiley-Academy.

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"...Heathcote's new book...makes a good case for looking back in enthusiasm [at the 1970s]" (The Guardian Weekend magazine, 14th Jan 06)

"The houses are wonderful and often little known. Barr has photographed them beautifully." (Architects' Journal, April 2006)

"…an essential resource…a new and fundamentally positive interpretation of the 70’s." (Interior Design, August 2006)

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