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Kakuro For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-02822-3
336 pages
January 2006
Kakuro For Dummies (047002822X) cover image


Looking for a new challenge now that you’ve mastered sudoku? Kakuro might be just what you need, and Kakuro For Dummies is a great place to start!

A kakuro puzzle is a grid consisting of interlocking horizontal rows and vertical columns of squares, called blocks. You fill in the empty squares with numbers that match the clues and work both horizontally and vertically. Sound simple? Guess again! Kakuro uses the logic of sudoku plus some basic math skills. But relax—Kakuro For Dummies explains the clues, combinations, fixed values, and candidates—all the pieces of the puzzle.

Like its sudoku counterpart, Kakuro For Dummies includes 240 puzzles from breezy easy to diabolically difficult. It demystifies the process, walking you through completing your first puzzle with illustrations and explanations that show the logic involved. You’ll get your feet wet with more than 100 easy puzzles, sharpen your skills on120 in the medium –to-difficult range, and if you’re brave enough, go head-to-head with nine devilish ones that’ll keep you awake nights.

In no time, you’ll find yourself as addicted to kakuro as you are—or were—to sudoku, and having twice as much fun! You do the math.

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Table of Contents


Part 1: Getting to know Karkuro.

Chapter 1: Understanding Karkuro.

Part II: Karkuro Puzzlemania.

East does it.

Getting tricky.

Tough nuts to crack.

Diabolically difficult.

Part III: The answer to your problems.

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Author Information

Andrew Heron is the author of the best-selling Sodoku For Dummies series and a puzzle compiler for international newspapers.
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Free Kakuro puzzle #1
Kakuro is the next puzzle craze, and if you love Sudoku, then you won't be able to get enough of Kakuro! Try out these four FREE Kakuro puzzles; after you get hooked like everyone else, check out other Kakuro and Sudoku puzzle books, which contain hundreds of addictive puzzles, plus plenty of advice for becoming a Kakuro or Sudoku master. Understanding Kakuro is easy: 1. In the black squares around the edges of the blocks are numbers, called clues. These clues tell you the sum of the numbers in that block. In other words, if the clue is a 9, the correct answers to the individual squares in that block will add up to 9. Across clues are represented by the numbers printed on the black squares above the diagonal line and down clues are those below the line. 2. You cannot repeat any number in a given block. Enjoy!
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