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Understanding Lightning and Lightning Protection: A Multimedia Teaching Guide

ISBN: 978-0-470-03088-2
220 pages
October 2006
Understanding Lightning and Lightning Protection: A Multimedia Teaching Guide (0470030887) cover image


The advent of complex intelligent structures and low-voltage electronic installations within buildings requires increasingly sophisticated lightning protections techniques. As a multimedia book, Understanding Lightning and Lightning Protection is a unique, interactive self-teaching tool that provides an in-depth understanding of lightning protection.

Understanding Lightning and Lightning Protection helps the reader to understand the propagation of waves within complex intelligent structures within buildings, and the operation of systems designed to protect these structures. It also comments on proper human behaviour during a lightning thunderstorm.

  • Accompanied by a web-based animation program http://www.wiley.com/go/horvath
  • Shows the fundamental processes of the lightning phenomenon, and helps the reader to understand the measures of protection against lightning damage.
  • Offers a new theory and calculation method to estimate the efficiency of lightning air termination systems, which helps to evaluate the residual risk of the lightning protection system.
  • Examines the propogation of waves and the associated protection of intelligent systems against lightning electromagnetic impulses.

This interactive teaching tool is designed for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in electrical engineering, construction, physics and meteorology. It will also provide a valuable resource for practitioners within electric power distribution, electronics, informatics & construction safety.

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Table of Contents

Chapters and Subsections.


1. Cloud, cyclone and fronts.

2. Electric charges in clouds.

3. Discharge processes in air.

4. Development of the lightning flash.

5. Physics of the lightning discharge.

6. Curious lightning phenomena.

7. Induced voltage.

8. Dynamic forces due to lightning.

9. Heat effects on metal objects.

10. Lightning attachment.

11. Collection space of structures.

12. Protective effect on flat roof.

13. Protection of inclined roof.

14. Residual risk of lightning protection.

15. Classification of structures.

16. Air termination systems.

17. Down conductors and metal objects.

18. Earthing of lightning protection system.

19. Lightning electromagnetic impulse.

20. Graded surge-protection.

21. Surge protection devices.

22. Internal lightning protection zones.

23. Connection to electric power network.

24. Protection of electronic devices.

25. Lightning measurement and localization.

26. The mankind in the thunderstorm.


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Author Information

Tibor Horvath is a Professor Emeritus at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He has authored 17 books  on high voltage engineering, insulations, static electricity, measurements and testing & the history of electrotechnics, and over 120 journal articles and conference papers. He has served as president of the International Conference on Lightning Protection, and has designed lightning protection systems for many prestigious buildings including the Hungarian Parliament and the cathedral of Budapest.
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"…would be used by students or as a resource for those who need to design and specify electrical protection equipment…and by anyone with an interest in lighting." (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, March/April 2007)
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Understanding Lightning and Lightning ProtectionAccess the web-based animation programme to accompany the text.
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