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Cochlear Implants: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-03423-1
432 pages
May 2006
Cochlear Implants: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition (0470034238) cover image


This is a comprehensive multi-author handbook covering all aspects of cochlear implantation, fully updated since its first edition was published in 1991. All aspects of this rapidly developing field are covered, from implant design, speech processing strategies, assessment and rehabilitation of children and adults to future developments. Chapters written by implant users and their parents give fascinating insight into the experience of hearing again with a cochlear implant.
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Table of Contents



About the authors.

Introduction (Huw R. Cooper and Louise C. Craddock).

Chapter 1: Implant design and development (David B. Grayden and Graeme M. Clark).

Chapter 2: Speech processing strategies (Blake S. Wilson).

Chapter 3: The cochlear implant team (David W. Proops).

Chapter 4: Assessment of adult patients (Claire A. Fielden).

Chapter 5: Assessment of children (Mary Joe Osberger, Amy McConkey Robbins and Patricia G. Trautwein).

Chapter 6: Selection criteria and prediction of outcomes (Huw R. Cooper).

Chapter 7: Psychological aspects of cochlear implantation (John F. Knutson).

Chapter 8: Medical and surgical considerations (John M. Graham).

Chapter 9: Radiological evaluation in cochlear implantation (Colin L.W. Driscoll and Michael B. Gluth).

Chapter 10: Cochlear implant surgery (Richard T. Ramsden).

Chapter 11: Utility of electrically evoked potentials in cochlear implant users (Paul J. Abbas and Carolyn J. Brown).

Chapter 12: Device programming (Louise C. Craddock).

Chapter 13: Adult rehabilitation (Geoff Plant).

Chapter 14: Paediatric habilitation (Elizabeth Tyszkiewicz and Jacqueline Stokes).

Chapter 15: Soundfield hearing for patients with cochlear implants and hearing aids (Richard S. Tyler, Camille C. Dunn, Shelley A. Witt, William Noble, Bruce J. Gantz, Jay T. Rubinstein, Aaron J. Parkinson, Steve C. Branin).

Chapter 16: The future of cochlear implants (Jennifer L. Smullen, Adrien A. Eshraghi and Thomas J. Balkany).

Chapter 17: A patient’s perspective (Jean Briggs, Timothy Stanley).

Chapter 18: A parent’s perspective (Jennie Clewes, Tricia Kemp).


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Author Information

Huw R. Cooper, MSc, Consultant Audiological Scientist, after obtaining his Master’s degree in audiology at Southampton University in 1983, joined the team at University College Hospital, London, where he initially worked on tinnitus research. He was then closely involved in the set-up and development of the new UCH/RNID Cochlear Implant Programme, which led the way in establishing cochlear implantation in the UK. Since 1991, he has managed the audiology services at University Hospital Birmingham, including overseeing the growth and development of the Midlands Adult and the Birmingham Children’s Cochlear Implant Programmes. His research interests include Neural Response Telemetry and Auditory Perceptual Grouping, on which topic he is currently working towards a PhD. Huw lives just outside Birmingham with his wife and three teenage children.

Louise C. Craddock, MSc, CCC-A, Audiological Scientist, originally trained as a teacher of hearing-impaired children and taught in London for twelve years before obtaining her MSc in Audiology at the University of Washington in Seattle. Since then she has worked on the UCL Adult and Nuffield Paediatric Cochlear Implant Programmes in London and is now the Co-ordinator of the Midlands Adult Cochlear Implant Programme in Birmingham. She has a research interest in objective measures in cochlear implantation, particularly in Neural Response Telemetry, and has published and presented her work in this area. Louise lives in Birmingham with her husband and two young daughters.

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