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Big Java

ISBN: 978-0-470-04015-7
December 2005, ©2002
Big Java (0470040157) cover image
* Offers an in-depth look into how Java relates to such technologies as searching, sorting, data structures, multithreading, networking, database connectivity, XML, and Java Server Pages
* Part I deals with fundamental principles of programming and problem solving
* Part II introduces advanced concepts of the Java programming
* Readers will find highlighted concepts and capsule introductions into advanced topics of computer science
* Perfect reading material for anyone interested in learning or reinforcing introductory programming concepts and who wants to take advantage of the exciting attributes of the Java language
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Chapter 1. Introduction.

Chapter 2. An Introduction to Objects and Classes.

Chapter 3. Fundamental Data Types.

Chapter 4. Applets and Graphics.

Chapter 5. Decisions.

Chapter 6. Iteration.

Chapter 7. Designing Classes.

Chapter 8. Testing and Debugging.

Chapter 9. Interfaces and Polymorphism.

Chapter 10. Event Handling.

Chapter 11. Inheritance.

Chapter 12. Graphical User Interfaces.

Chapter 13. Array Lists and Arrays.

Chapter 14. Exception Handling.

Chapter 15. Streams.

Chapter 16. System Design.

Chapter 17. Recursion.

Chapter 18. Sorting and Searching.

Chapter 19.An Introductin to Data Structures.

Chapter 20. Advanced Data Structures.

Chapter 21. Multithreading.

Chapter 22. Internet Networking.

Chapter 23. Relational Databases.

Chapter 24. XML.

Chapter 25. JavaServer Pages and Servlets.

Appendix 1: Java Language Coding Guidelines.

Appendix 2: Java Syntax Summary.

Appendix 3: Java Operator Summary.

Appendix 4: Java Keyword Summary.

Appendix 5: The Java Library.

Appendix 6: The Basic Latin and Latin-1  Subsets of Unicode.

Appendix 7: metric Conversion Factors.

Appendix 8: HTML Summary.

Appendix 9: Tool Summary.

Appendix 10: Javadoc Summary.

Appendix 11: Number Systems.

Appendix 12: Bit and Shift Operations.

Appendix 13: UML Summary.

Appendix 14: Glossary.


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  • Big Java teaches computing concepts and problem solving. In the first part of the text, readers are encouraged to think as problem solvers and are given the tools to design efficient and successful programs.
  • The Programming Style Guide. This useful guide (available at www.wiley.com/college/horstmann) encourages using a consistent methodology for solving problems. Readers are given direction and an environment for practice.
  • A look at the Java language. The second part of this book and the appendices delve deeply into advance Java concepts. With this one book, readers can become better programmers and expand their knowledge of the Java language.
  • Highlighted Index. The text index is a thorough and accurate navigation tool. In addition, it has all terms found in the Key Concept Boxes in the text highlighted in color, enabling readers to easily find the most important concepts in the text.
  • Comprehensive. Resourceful. Cay Horstmann's Big Java is the most comprehensive introduction to programming and Java available. It provides every reader with a reference that will be of value when studying advanced Java technologies, components, database, and countless other areas of computer science.
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