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Wheat Antioxidants

Liangli L. Yu (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-04259-5
276 pages
December 2007
Wheat Antioxidants (0470042591) cover image
Maximizing the health benefits of wheat-based foods

Growing evidence indicates that eating whole wheat foods may produce health benefits, including a reduced risk of coronary heart disease and certain types of cancer. Wheat Antioxidants is a comprehensive reference that consolidates current information on the antioxidant properties of wheat, their beneficial effects, the mechanisms involved, factors affecting availability/bioavailability, and the methods used to measure them. With chapters contributed by leading experts, this definitive resource:

Discusses antioxidant properties of wheat grains and fractions and their phytochemical composition

Covers the effects of genotype, growing conditions, post-harvest treatment, storage, and food formulation and processing on availability/bioavailability

Discusses the analytical methods for investigating the antioxidant properties of wheat grain and fractions and their phytochemical composition, including spectrophotometric and fluorometric methods and electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy

Covers the effects of wheat antioxidants on genes involved in cholesterol metabolism and the potential effect of wheat antioxidants on normal intestinal cells and nutrient absorption

Multidisciplinary approaches are required to capitalize on the potential of wheat antioxidants and maximize the benefits of wheat-based foods rich in natural antioxidants. Wheat Antioxidants provides the background for further research and makes the latest information accessible to cereal chemists, food technologists, food processors, nutritionists, industry consultants, and others interested in functional foods, nutraceuticals, and wheat.
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Chapter 1: Overview and Prospective (Liangli (Lucy) Yu).

Chapter 2: Antioxidant Properties of Wheat Grain and its Fractions (Fereidoon Shahidi, Chandrika Lyana-Pathirana).

Chapter 3: Effects of Genotype, Environment and Genotype Environment: Interaction on the Antioxidant Properties of Wheat (Archie Mpofu, Trust Beta, Harry D. Sapirstein).

Chapter 4: Carotenoid, Tocopherol, Lignan, Flavonoid, and Phytosterol Compositions of Wheat Grain and its Fractions (Rong Tsao).

Chapter 5: Antioxidant Properties of What Phenolic Acids (Liangping Yu, Zhihong Cheng).

Chapter 6: Effects of Post-Harvest Treatments, Food Formulation and Processing Conditions on What Antioxidant Properties (Chunjian (C.J.) Lin, Gang Guo).

Chapter 7: Antioxidant Properties of Wheat-Based Breakfast Foods (Elizabeth A. Arndt, Marla W. Luther).

Chapter 8: Effects of Extraction Method and Conditions on Wheat Antioxidant Extraction (Jeffrey Moore, Liangli (Lucy) Yu).

Chapter 9: Methods for Antioxidant Capacity Estimation of Wheat and Wheat-Based Food Products (Jeffrey Moore, Liangli (Lucy) Yu).

Chapter 10: Application of ESR in Wheat Antioxidant Determination (Zhihong Cheng, Liangping Yu, JunJie Yin).

Chapter 11: Analysis of Tocopherolsand Carotenoids in Wheat Materials Using Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Technology (Zhigang Hao, Denys Charles).

Chapter 12: Quantification of Phenolic Acids in Wheat and Wheat-Based Products (Kequan Zhou).

Chapter 13: Effects of Wheat on Normal Intestine (John Parry).

Chapter 14: Wheat Antioxidants and Cholesterol Metabolism (Huiping Zhou, Elaine Studer, Junjun Zhang).

Chapter 15: Wheat Antioxidant Bioavailability (Yutaka Konishi).

Chapter 16: Wheat Lignans: Promising Cancer Preventive Agents (Weiqun Wang, Allan Ayella, Yu Jiang, Ping Ouyang, Hongyan Qu).

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Liangli Yu, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Maryland in College Park, where she specializes in the chemistry andbiochemistry of nutraceuticals and foods. Dr. Yu received her PhD in food science from Purdue University in 1999.

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"The book presents current information on antioxidant compounds of wheat." (Food Science and Technology Abstracts, September 2008)
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