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Covered Calls and LEAPS -- A Wealth Option: A Guide for Generating Extraordinary Monthly Income, + DVD

ISBN: 978-0-470-04470-4
240 pages
November 2006
Covered Calls and LEAPS -- A Wealth Option: A Guide for Generating Extraordinary Monthly Income, + DVD (0470044705) cover image
In this one-of-a-kind “how-to” guide, Joseph Hooper and Aaron Zalewski provide step-by-step instructions for generating large monthly cash returns from almost any stock investment—while at the same time decreasing the risk of stock ownership. Filled with in-depth insights and proven techniques, this book is the definitive, rule-based guide to covered calls and calendar LEAPS spreads.
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CHAPTER 1 An Introduction to Options.

PART I Covered Calls.

CHAPTER 2 An Introduction to Covered Calls.

CHAPTER 3 Entering New Covered Call Positions.

CHAPTER 4 Management Rules.

CHAPTER 5 Defensive Techniques.

PART II Calendar LEAPS Spreads.

CHAPTER 6 An Introduction to Calendar LEAPS Spreads.

CHAPTER 7 Entering New LEAPS Positions.

CHAPTER 8 Management Rules.

CHAPTER 9 Defensive Techniques.

CONCLUSION How to Move Forward.

APPENDIX A Quick Reference Guide.

APPENDIX B Foreign Exchange Risk.

APPENDIX C Brokerages and Order Types.

APPENDIX D Using ETFs and HOLDRs for Diversification.

APPENDIX E Compound Stock Earnings Support Services.


Disclaimer and Legal Information.

About the DVD.


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Joseph Hooper has been a property developer, stockbroker, and bank owner. He is the founder of Compound Stock Earnings and is now a financial educator, radio talk show host, and one of the world's foremost experts on covered calls. In the early 1980s, Hooper formed a bank holding company, purchased banks, directed their operations, and then sold them in the early 1990s. Later, he joined Merrill Lynch as a private client advisor, using his covered calls technique for client accounts.

Aaron Zalewski has a background in the finance industry, where he worked as an analyst within the investment banking industry. Zalewski left that profession to pursue a career as a full-time investor and is now Director at Compound Stock Earnings. He also cohosts Compound Stock Earnings' weekly financial talk-back radio program, Unconventional Wi$dom—The CSE Investment Show.

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