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Portfolio, Program, and Project Management in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries

Pete Harpum (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-04966-2
352 pages
April 2010
Portfolio, Program, and Project Management in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries (0470049669) cover image


This book describes the way that pharmaceutical projects and programs are currently managed, and offers views from many highly experienced practitioners from within the industry on future directions for drug program management. The book integrates portfolio, program, and project management processes as fundamental for effective and efficient drug product development. Contributing expert authors provide their view of how the projectization approach can be taken forward by the drug industry over the coming years.
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Table of Contents



About the Authors.

Part One The Life Science Industry Context for Portfolio, Program, and Project Management.

1 A Review of Project Management in Life Science Industry Sectors (Thomas R. Dunson).

2 The Impact of Organizational Size on Drug Project Management (Eric Morfin).

3 Drug Development in Biotechnology and How We Can Do It Better (Susan Linna).

Part Two The Portfolio, Program, and Project Management Approaches and Processes.

4 An Overview of the Organization and Processes of Portfolio, Program, and Project Management (Pete Harpum).

5 Portfolio Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Balancing Corporate Need with the Reality of Delivering Products to the Market (John Bennett).

6 Program Management in Drug Development (Pauline Stewart-Long).

7 Project Control (Martin Powell).

8 Managing Uncertainty in Drug Projects (Pete Harpum and Thomas R. Dunson).

9 Managing Drug Safety Risk (Thomas R. Dunson and Eric Morfin).

10 Developing Program Strategy (Pete Harpum).

11 Developing Products with "Added Value" (Trevor J. Brown and Stephen Allport).

Part Three Integrating the Processes.

12 Integrated Business Processes to Support Cross-Functional Drug Development (Martin D. Hynes III).

13 Integrated Drug Development From Cradle to Grave and From Lab to Market (Stephen Allport and Terry Cook-Davies).

14 The Development of P3M Capability in Drug Development Organizations (John Arrowsmith, Patrick Grogan and Bob Moore).

15 Implementing Portfolio, Program, and Project Management Best Practices in Drug Development Organizations (Pete Harpum, Ashley Jamieson and Inge Fisher).



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Author Information

Pete Harpum is a Director of Harpum Consulting and has been consulting on Portfolio, Program, and Project Management (P3M) for some ten years. He chairs and contributes to many conferences and symposiums on P3M. Mr. Harpum's other activities include postgraduate lecturing and research on P3M for three world-class universities, and supporting the Association for Project Management, Project Management Institute, and the Drug Information Association in various ways.
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