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Handbook of Child Psychology, Volume 2, Cognition, Perception, and Language, 6th Edition

William Damon (Editor), Richard M. Lerner (Editor), Deanna Kuhn (Editor), Robert S. Siegler (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-05054-5
1072 pages
March 2006
Handbook of Child Psychology, Volume 2, Cognition, Perception, and Language, 6th Edition (0470050543) cover image
Part of the authoritative four-volume reference that spans the entire field of child development and has set the standard against which all other scholarly references are compared. Updated and revised to reflect the new developments in the field, the Handbook of Child Psychology, Sixth Edition contains new chapters on such topics as spirituality, social understanding, and non-verbal communication.

Volume 2: Cognition, Perception, and Language, edited by Deanna Kuhn, Columbia University, and Robert S. Siegler, Carnegie Mellon University, covers mechanisms of cognitive and perceptual development in language acquisition. It includes new chapters devoted to neural bases of cognition, motor development, grammar and langauge rules, information processing, and problem solving skills.

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1. Neural Bases of Cognitive Development (Charles A. Nelson, Kathleen M. Thomas and Michelle de Haan).

2. The Infant's Auditory World: Hearing, Speech, and the Beginnings of Language (Jenny R. Saffran, Janet F. Werker and Lynne A. Werner).

3. Infant Visual Perception (Philip J. Kellman and Martha E. Arterberry).

4. Motor Development (Karen E. Adolph and& Sarah E. Berger).

5. Infant Cognition (Leslie B. Cohen and Cara H. Cashon).


6. Acquiring Linguistic Constructions (Michael Tomasello).

7. Early Word Learning (Sandra R. Waxman and Jeffrey L. Lidz).

8. Nonverbal Communication: The Hand's Role in Talking and Thinking (Susan Goldin-Meadow).


9. Event Memory (Patricia J. Bauer).

10. Information Processing Approaches to Development (Yuko Munakata).

11. Microgenetic Analysis of Learning (Robert S. Siegler).

12. Cognitive Strategies Michael Pressley and Katherine Hilden).

13. Reasoning and Problem Solving (Graeme S. Halford and Glenda Andrews).

14. Cognitive Science and Cognitive Development (Frank Keil).

15. Culture and Cognitive Development in Phylogenetic, Historical, and Ontogenetic Perspective (Michael Cole).


16. Conceptual Development (Susan A. Gelman and Charles W. Kalish).

17. Development of Spatial Cognition (Nora S. Newcombe and Janellen Huttenlocher).

18. Development of Mathematical Understanding (David C. Geary).

19. Social Cognition (Paul L. Harris).

20. Development in the Arts: Drawing and Music (Ellen Winner).

21. Extraordinary Achievements: A Developmental and Systems Analysis (Seana Moran and Howard Gardner).


22. The Second Decade: What Develops (and how) (Deanna Kuhn and Sam Franklin).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

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Volume Editors
Deanna Kuhn
, Department of Human Development, Teachers College, Columbia University

Robert Siegler, Department of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Damon is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, the director of the Stanford Center on Adolescence, and a professor of education at Stanford University.  He has written several books, many book chapters, and numerous articles on child development and adolescence and is editor-in-chief of New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development (Jossey-Bass).

Dr. Lerner is Bergstrom Chair in Applied Developmental Science at the Eliot-Pearson Department at Tufts University.  He is the author of many publications, including the Handbook of Psychology, Volume 6, Developmental Psychology, and Pathways to Positive Development about Diverse Youth, New Directions for Youth Development:  Theory, Practice, and Research (Jossey-Bass).  Dr Lerner is also a past editor of the Journal of Research on Adolescence.

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