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Make Money as a Buyer's Agent: Double Your Commissions by Working with Real Estate Buyers

ISBN: 978-0-470-05125-2
240 pages
February 2007
Make Money as a Buyer


Traditionally, real estate agents help home sellers get the best deal on their home, but no one covers the buyer’s side. This guide shows you how to make the switch from representing sellers to representing buyers, so you can keep making money even as the seller’s market slows down. Learn to earn big commissions, no matter what happens to the market.
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Table of Contents



1. The History of the Real Estate Industry.

We have gone from open listings to exclusive listings with sellers.

2. The Changing Real Estate Market.

Today we are going from open listings to exclusive listings with buyers.

3. Why Buyers Are Liars, Flakes, and Lookie-Loos.

Buyers are lookie-loos because of you.

4. Why List Buyers?

Your time is valuable and you are worth the money.

5. Why Buyers Will List with You.

Buyers, like sellers, want to be represented in a real estate transaction.

6. Making the Listing Presentation to Buyers.

Agency disclosure opens the door to listing buyers.

7. How to Be Paid Every Time You Work with Buyers.

Make at least $100 per hour working with buyers.

8. How to Ask for and Receive Retainers from Buyers.

You will never work with buyers for free again.

9. Representing Buyers.

You are a professional. Act like one.

10. Dual Agency.

Twice the risk, twice the reward.

11. Divided Agency.

How much time do you want to spend in the gray bar motel?

12. Commission Does Not Determine Agency.

Who pays your real estate commission does not determine whom you represent.

13. Being a Buyer’s Agent.

Think, talk, and act like a buyer’s agent.

14. Buyer Loyalty.

Your buyers are loyal to you because you trust them and they trust you.

15. Making Money Working with Buyers.

You can make money working with buyers before, during, or after the closing.

16. Implementing a Professional Program to List Buyers.

You can implement a professional program to list buyers quickly and easily.

17. The Future of the Real Estate Industry.

Welcome to a completely professional real estate industry.



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Author Information

CHANTAL HOWELL CAREY, a member of Zonta International, has handled millions in real estate sales and management as a broker, consultant, and trustee.

BILL CAREY, also a member of Zonta International, began selling real estate in 1977 and is a former director of the San Diego Association of Realtors and the California Association of Realtors. Chantal and Bill are also seminar speakers and real estate and trust consultants. Bill is a tax consultant as well. Together, they are coauthors of many other books, including The New Path to Real Estate Wealth, Quick Cash in Foreclosures, Make Money in Abandoned Properties, Make Money in Short-Sale Foreclosures, and Make Money in Real Estate Tax Liens, all from Wiley.

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