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Whitewares and Materials, Volume 25, Issue 2

ISBN: 978-0-470-05147-4
113 pages
March 2004
Whitewares and Materials, Volume 25, Issue 2 (0470051477) cover image


A collection of Papers Presented at the 105th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society and the Whitewares and Materials Division Fall Meeting, held in conjunction with ACerS Canton-Alliance Section and the Ceramic Manufacturer's Association.
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Table of Contents


Observations of Matte Formation Independent of Firing Cycle (M. E. katz, B. Quinnlan, W.M. Carty, and T. Gebhart).

Effect of Zinc Oxide Addition on Crystallization Behavior and Mechanical Properties of a Porcelain Body (S.K. Kim, S.M. Lee, E.S. Choi, and H. T. Kim).

Benbow Analysis of Extruded Alumina Pastes (C.R. August and R.A. Haber).

Microscopy Methods for Creamic Applications (C. Collins and E. Westbrook).

Pyroplastic Deformation Revisited (Aubree M. Buchtel, William M. Carty, and Mark D. Noirot).

Novel casting Techniques for Whitewares (Philip R. Jackson).

Effects of Borax Solid Wastes Fritted and Added into Wall Title Opaque Glazes on the Final Microstructure (G. Kaya).

Quartz Dissolution into Porcelain Glasses (Caspar J. McConville, Amit Shah, and William M. Carty).

Role of Polymeric Additive Compatibility in Ceramic Processing Systems (U.Kim and W.M. Carty).

Effect of Die on Compaction of Granular Bodies (Brett M. Schulz, William M. Carty, and Nikalos J. Ninos).

Metal Marking of Dinnerware Glaze: Correlation with Friction and Surface Roughness (Hyojin Lee, William M. Carty, and Robert J. Castilone).

Development of Crystal Glazes (Jim Archer and Dave Schneider).

Hotel China Glaze Reclamation (Michael Tkach).

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