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Applied Tribology: Bearing Design and Lubrication, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-05711-7
578 pages
May 2008, ©2008
Applied Tribology: Bearing Design and Lubrication, 2nd Edition (0470057114) cover image
This new edition continues to maintain a balance between the theory and application of the technology, giving particular emphasis to tribology in aerospace equipment, steam and gas turbines, motors and generators, transportation and marine equipment, and appliances. Since publication of the first edition, the authors have published 14 journal articles on new research into the field, and this has provided the basis for a thorough update of all material as well as 2 entirely new chapters on seals and bearing failure modes.
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Series Preface.


Part I: General Considerations.

1 Tribology – Friction, Wear, and Lubrication.

2 Lubricants and Lubrication.

3 Surface Texture and Interactions.

4 Bearing Materials.

Part II: Fluid-Film Bearings.

5 Fundamentals of Viscous Flow.

6 Reynolds Equation and Applications.

7 Thrust Bearings.

8 Journal Bearings.

9 Squeeze-Film Bearings.

10 Hydrostatic Bearings.

11 Gas Bearings.

12 Dry and Starved Bearings.

Part III: Rolling Element Bearings.

13 Selecting Bearing Type and Size.

14 Principles and Operating Limits.

15 Friction, Wear and Lubrication.

Part IV: Seals and Monitoring.

16 Seal Fundamentals.

17 Condition Monitoring and Failure Analysis.

Appendix A Unit Conversion Factors.

Appendix B Viscosity Conversions.


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