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Small Gardens

ISBN: 978-0-470-06555-6
160 pages
June 2008
Small Gardens (0470065559) cover image


Size is no object if you want to create a highly attractive, modern family garden. This book shows how even at the smallest scale it is possible to design your own beautiful and stylish outdoor space where both adults and children can have fun. It features fourteen gardens that are all very different in style and location - from a roof terrace and minimalist space in the city to a wildlife garden in the country. Several pages are dedicated to each scheme demonstrating in full how it is possible to achieve 'the look', 'the features' and 'the planting' of the illustrated garden. As well as stunning photography, the book includes specially drawn plans. It provides a plethora of ideas for those who might want to overhaul their whole garden or just rethink a small part of it.

* Brilliant, beautiful, contemporary design ideas
* Lots of information and ideas about the perfect plants for you
* Great suggestions for garden features and hands-on projects to do in the garden

All laid out in a lively format ­ fun and easy to read
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Table of Contents


1. Minimalist.

Design Creating a minimalist garden.

Plants Easy Plants.

Feature Walls and Boundaries.

2. Mediterranean Modern.

Design Employing a garden designer.

Plants Trees for Small Gardens.

Feature Seating areas and furniture.

3. Jungle.

Design To lawn or not to lawn.

Plants Jungle Plants.

Feature Water.

4. Sophisticated Rooms.

Design Slopes, steps and retaining walls.

Plants Colour.

Feature Floors.

5. Country.

Design How to make decking work.

Plants Gardening with children.

Feature Willow structures.

6. Silver, Green & White.

Design Dividing the garden.

Plants Containers.

Feature Design our own garden.

7. Water Light & Walls.

Design The outside room.

Plants New Perennial planting.

Feature Lighting.

8. Height & Depth.

Design Growing food.

Plants Vertical planting.

Feature Play equipment.

9. Exotic Heat Island.

Design Small wildlife ponds.

Plants Tropical plants.

Feature Hideaways.

10. Rendered Walls.

Design Using free-standing walls.

Plants Shadows and Shapes.

Feature Rendered Walls.

11. Roof Garden.

Design Roof gardens.

Plants Plants for screening.

Feature Green roofs.

12. Oriental.

Design Extensions.

Plants Plants for shade.

Feature Sculpture.

13. Wildlife Garden.

Design Encouraging Wildlife.

Plants Creating a wildflower meadow.

Feature Things to attract wildlife.

14. Soft & Scented.

Design Designing a city garden.

Plants Scented Plants.

Feature Finishing touches.

List of Contacts.

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Author Information

Caroline Tilston is a writer and garden designer. After taking a degree at Oxford, she worked for over a decade in television journalism. Having trained to be a gardener with the National Trust, she now writes for newspapers and magazines as well as running an award-winning garden design studio.

Juliette Wade has been taking inspirational photographs of gardens for over a decade. She has worked for Gardens Illustrated, Garden Inspirations, Homes & Gardens, Country Living, Country Homes and Interiors and Practical Gardening. She is also the photographer of Modern Family Gardens (John Wiley & Sons, 2006).

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"It explains how to create different gardens, including country, minimalist and Mediterranean styles on a small scale."  (Mail On Sunday, March 2007)

"Focuses on modern spaces that consider the needs of both adults and children." (Gardens Illustrated, August 2007)

“The photography is stunning all the way through and really is inspirational.” (Manchester Living, 22nd August 2007)

"Extravagantly illustrated with a wealth of photography...[The book] should provide inspiration for the most reluctant of gardeners."  (Scotland's New Homebuyer, November 2007)

"...an inspirational book"  (Gardeners' Question Time, Radio 4, Sunday 18th November 2007)

"An approachable guide to creating family-friendly spaces."  (The Garden, November 2007)

Innovative ideas for families with small spaces.” (The Travel & Leisure Magazine, March 2008)

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